Well guys Festival season is well and truly upon us. So I found a festival that would suit our age group. None of that pitching tents, washing (and other things ) in a bucket, copious amounts of alcohol and smoking various substances. No this was the festival of choice for me. No alcohol whatsoever replaced with a green juice bar and CBD oil replacing the cannabis. No loud music just gentle gongs and chi bowls. Dancing replaced by yoga and vegan food replaced greasy burgers. Surely this is Jojos truly happy place ???

This seed of an idea was a brilliant one….on paper but it needs to germinate and blossom. We went for the birth of this festival on Saturday 3rd August 2019. Fearne Cottons baby. But as long as she learns from her mistakes and listens to the punters she is trying to make happy then this has real potential. But yesterday it became my “Unhappy Place”.

The day started well a big Rylan Clark Neal fan I managed to secure a front row seat to await his interview with the stunning Amanda Byram. It was preceded by a lovely lady Bryony Gordon of whom I was unaware for a short interview. Engaging,witty and yes happy. Now an avid fan. Rylan as ever did not disappoint in fact was such a brilliant interview with Amanda I even bought the book ! I met Rylan a little later for a chat and he was as charming and real as I hoped……and happy. Unlike a very grumpy Russell Brand who we encountered a little later we did remind him he was supposed to be in his” happy place” but I think we only compounded his already bad mood.

Fearne’s tagline read “a place to enjoy that makes us happy” well if you enjoy queuing 2 hours for food or drink than this IS your place. There were only 3 small vegan trucks with a couple of servers in each and ONE yes ONE green juice bar with a queue stretching as far as the third eye could see !! o Fearne, you surely knew the numbers that had bought tickets ? The Vans eventually ran out of food at 3.30pm to the dismay of the people that had queued the full 2 hours ! Well if you know me I do NOT queue so we had to leave the ground early get in the car in search of food in nearby Richmond. Cotton you stitched us up on this one !!!!

Unbelievable Food Queues

Please be aware if you are booking to go to any of these Happy Place Festivals as there are more throughout September the ticket does not cover ANY of the classes on the schedule. When I booked my ticket there was NOTHING to say that all the classes were not included and the page did not redirect me to any further booking options. So I like many others on the day could not attend the classes. In fact I printed off the schedule for the classes of the SEE website and it still did not make that clear. So you really have to search many were left disappointed on the day as the classes were extremely limited. I just checked the website and it still does not make this clear.

We did meet the fabulous…….and happy Interiors Expert Sophie Robinson who was happy us and others to sit on the outskirts. A great workshop “Making Your Place A Happy Home” as Sophie was the most amazing person we met on the day would like to see her play a larger role, as she fitted the mantra for the Festival.

As a professional Sound Therapist I was eager to attend the Sound Healing session which I managed to squeeze into which was supremely relaxing after the stressful day. Although was punctuated by the loudness of an energetic voice of an American instructor at a mat class next door and Russell Brand attention seeking at a stage nearby. The Meditation and Mindfulness Tepee one would presume should be in a quiet location ? As you can see my Happy Place Sound Meditation has been going on for many years.

Many Happy Years

On a final note all the speakers were there to sell their books on site. Fearne Cottons were piled high. So after every talk the ‘celebrities’ would spend longer than the interview flogging their wares. In a Festival which is about ‘giving back’ ‘helping others’ ‘nourishing our souls’ ‘making YOU happy’ it was is sad that really once again it all boils down to commercial propaganda. It would have been lovely for someone to come along and devote their time in the true spirit of the festival. Then inform us they have nothing to sell!! How refreshing ! I really wanted this Festival to create a different message. Not a Festival to create “a Happy Place” for Fearne and her friends.


Great idea and I loved the Garden Fete feel of the Festival as more people attend I hope they don’t lose this but it felt like some of the organisation was done by someone who had only organised a garden fete before !

To end my review this was not “my Happy Place” and having bumped into Fearne during the course of the day it was clearly not hers either. But life is a learning curve and will try again next year. Scroll down to see some of my purchases from the day.


Save it for next year. It did not quite make the STYLE LIST this time around.

Jojo xxxx

My Festival Purchases

A glass water bottle with a glass chamber for a crystal elixir combination for mind, body and soul. I chose moss agate. Pure £30

CBD oil that actually tastes pleasant good for anxiety and joints. The most effective THC free formula available. For more information

Of course The Life Of Rylan (signed !!) and what a life. Paperback £6.99 available at all good bookstores and some suspect ones too !

Much love , signing off


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