Gentle stretching exercises before getting out of bed in the morning particularly as you get older to warm up the muscles is imperative. It takes just 5 minutes and the benefits will far outweigh an extra 5 minute sleep. You can actually feel the tiredness being squeezed out of the muscles after being sedentary for so long. At any age you should be doing the Bed Stretch 6. Six exercises holding for 6 seconds on each side.

I promise you that you will move with grace and style as you glide through the day. The mornings you choose to do these exercises you will see a difference in posture and movement instead of leaping out with gusto after not moving for hours.

I have done a video post rather than try to explain in words. You can copy to your phone but in no time this will become second nature and hopefully part of your routine. Try it !! Jojo xxxxx

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Fashion Stylist and Sound Therapist . Help people to be their best self mentally and visually. Living in LA, London and Cannes living life to the max. Embracing my fifties encouraging others to do the same. This is your time to live a beautiful and stylish life


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