SPINACH healthy or not ?

I recently attended a Theta Brain Workshop as part of my on going development of my Sound Healing Therapist qualifications. I was astounded to discover that they advocated Spinach as a bad food. Now, as a spinach addict, I eat in EVERY day and in addition I make a green juice with it in the mornings to start the day with a pop of goodness.

If like me , you had spinach on the ‘superfood’ list read on. Still disbelieving I went home to research the subject for myself and could not believe that there has been so much written about the toxicity of cadmium in Spinach and that this just has not been communicated.

Health professionals are still telling us to consume large portions of spinach in our diets and the benefits of iron. But in fact no one has ever told me the dangers of high levels of cadmium that are found particularly in Spinach. Actually I had never even heard of cadmium !!

CADMIUM is the most dangerous among heavy metals as it is carcinogenic similar to that found in cigarette smoke . Tests proved that through passive smoking high levels were ingested which led to a ban in public places. But these heavy metals exist in many foods at acceptable levels but spinach exceeds these safe limits. It appear to accumulate in high levels in Spinach but not in other leafy vegetables e.g. Kale or cabbage. Heavy metals that are found in food represent one of the most important food risks for consumers.

CADMIUM is all around us in air, water, soil all around us but for some reason Spinach absorbs the most cadmium and boiling spinach does not show any reduction in the levels.

Exposure of such high levels over a long period of time can be toxic to kidney function this has been widely accepted but newer data shows an increased risk of some cancers e.g. lung, bladder and breast cancer.

Perhaps if there are any Nutritional/Medical experts reading this article I would love any further information you may like to add.

I am not a medical Doctor and this information and the data that exists shocked me that I thought I would like to share it with my readers as it has been kept well hidden from the general public. Many of us would have no reason to search this data . Of course it is your freedom of choice.



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