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We probably all find something or someone to complain about every single day. Every time we complain it sows some negativity seeds within us. Even when it is deserved and we feel it is empowering us it is exhausting to complain. So let us try to avoid it this week or even just for today. One day at a time ……maybe?

So, today when you feel tempted to complain about the weather, a friend, politics your aches and pains. STOP. Instead of giving in to moaning or getting irritated let it pass. See what it does for your mind and spirit to let it go without comment. Also the people around you benefit too !

JOJOs STYLELIST TIP: Positivity breeds popularity.

JOJO xxxxxx

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Fashion Stylist and Sound Therapist . Help people to be their best self mentally and visually. Living in LA, London and Cannes living life to the max. Embracing my fifties encouraging others to do the same. This is your time to live a beautiful and stylish life

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