Many of you have been asking about my look on my header page so I thought I would share it with you.

This is one of the most timeless looks to put together its always in style and great for just hanging out so effortlessly comfortable.

The utility look can be curated to suit your own budget in fact my Linda Farrow sunglasses are the most expensive item of my whole look. Aviators look best with this whole utility look as do converse hi tops. Khaki jackets can be bought almost anywhere throughout the year and come in many different styles – remember to dress to suit YOUR body shape. I have hundreds of denims in my closet but my favourites I have to say are my River Island Mollies in fact in my experience high street jeans beat designer jeans hand down. So no need to splurge on the denim girls.

So this is a great look for you to try for yourself. Here are some of my style picks.


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