As we are restricted in our social activities currently our monthly STYLE LIST has been reduced to bi monthly. As all that feature on a STYLE LIST have been tried and tested. So lets see who made the August/ September STYLE LIST.


Well for regular followers you would have read my travel blog on Lake Como this month and one of the most stylish Hotels I have ever stayed in. The newly opened MANDARIN HOTEL in Blevio, Lake Como takes style to a whole new level. Unpretentious yet exuding quality in both service and decor. Exceptionally peaceful and restful , although Covid restrictions and guest levels (staff ratio of about 10:1) may have had something to do with this. If you are visiting Como there is only one place to stay, the new girl on the block this truly wonderful Hotel.

The Mandarin Hotel Lake Como


From dining out five times a week to almost zero has severely restricted my pool to choose from. Also hard to guage how stylish a restaurant is under present conditions so almost no restaurant living up to our high standards of the STYLE LIST. So back to Como for this one. Although still difficult to find a really super stylish restaurant in Como I managed to locate one that is well worth a visit. Set in the small village of TORNO the family owned restaurant VAPORE excelled on all levels. Situated on the edge of the lake this was picture postcard perfect, like the movies you have played over in your head. Fresh fish from the lake and cooked to perfection and the best Tiramisu. Dreamy views just add to the attraction. I am pleased to share this little gem I have discovered off the main road into this fabulous little village.

VAPORE and the gorgeous village of TORNO


The most talked about fashion accessory of the moment HAS to be the face mask. Going to be with us for longer than we thought has now become a fashion staple. So it is time for some style injection. Burberry are launching their own face mask ( reusable ….phew ), also providing particle filtration efficiency (PFE) and treated with anti bacterial technology. 20 % of each sale goes to the Covid 19 community fund. The mask yet to launch at time of writing is rumoured to be retailing for £90. There are cheaper more exciting designs than plain black or NHS off white so make yours personal.Even transparent ones so people can see your smile and also your latest lipgloss ! Elevate YOUR face mask game today with a whole collection and make sure you change them everyday for health AND fashion reasons.


Its all about the lip ! With all this extra time on your hands we can pay attention to parts we never would have considered before. Lip Masks have launched onto the beauty market with a flourish, yes you never knew you needed them until now ! But they really do make a difference in softening and plumping, widely used in the Far East markets for years they have migrated to the West. KNC beauty founder Kristen Noel Crawley has now launched a natural LIP MASK in the form of stickers £4 and now on sale in Harrods. Especially useful in the ensuing Autumn and Winter months and the forth coming cold weather. The irony is not lost on me that you are covering up your lips with face masks when you leave the home but think of it as added protection for your lips as well as protecting your health.

KNC Lip Mask


JAY SHETTY has kept me sane and chilled over the last 6 months. Discovered him on youtube with more time on my hands. We share the same philosophy and outlook and our teachings are almost identical. A former monk he now is a motivational speaker on how to think like a monk …. without joining a monastery ! Like myself he believes in discovering daily rituals to bring you peace and resisting temptation on activities that add nothing to your life. Find your truest most authentic self by spending time on getting to know YOU. This is what I have been preaching for many years before Jay had started kindergarten but happy to have him on my bandwagon. Welcome Jay to the team, happy to have you on board ! Handsome ,stylish and young oooh er maybe I should not talk about a former monk like this !

Jay Shetty

JOJOS STYLELIST TIP : As we approach our second lockdown this week it is important to maintain your health but just as important to surround yourself with style and live a beautiful life to maintain your wellbeing and uplift your mood. Stay strong and stay safe stylistas we are in it together !

Mwah mwah


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