To all my readers

I previously recommended the TRIA 4X LASER HAIR REMOVAL DEVICE as one of my favourite gadgets very expensive at £395.

I feel it is my duty to offer a product warning about the shelf life of this gadget as I had no idea it only had a shelf life of 3 years. As there is an abject failure to mention this in any of their advertising I ,like many other consumers expected that they were investing in a product that was long term . Especially when we know that Laser hair removal devices have to be used for life as they only slow the growth of hair if used on a regular basis but never permanently remove.

It is a lot of money for Consumers to spend on a gadget with such limited life, which is of course why they probably do not state this prior to purchase!!!

I have spoken to the Company who have confirmed the limited life of 3 years (as mine no longer works) and agreed they did not state this in their advertising. Although they pointed out one line in very small print in the User guidelines (after purchase) “expected service life 3 years minimum ” however 4 of my team found ti difficult to locate so had to ask the Company to pinpoint this for us.

I have forwarded this to some Beauty Journalists who I hope will look beyond the advertising revenue and freebies for more open and honest reporting in the world of beauty and lies.



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