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Don’t waste a moment of lockdown ! Life is now ! While we are forced to spend more time indoors it does not have to be all negative. Think of it as an opportunity to improve your knowledge. There are so many virtual options and if you have found yourself looking for new employment think about your skill set and fill in the gaps or embark on a new qualification. You learn almost anything on line right now from Yoga to language to interior design to poker, whatever takes your fancy.

But today I want to concentrate on upgrading your cultural knowledge. How many of us could previously find the time to visit galleries and museums, theatres and the opera ? Well this article is not designed to replace those visits post lockdown but serves to stoke your interest and it may be that you start to schedule such pleasures into your life.

The benefits of starting your cultural journey on line are that it is more affordable , indeed you will have a front row seat to watch the theatre and the ballet. You have your own art guide to educate you about the paintings. Your own wine connoisseur that you can sample wines with your pre purchased selection. You can learn and watch in the comfort of your own home AND in the comfort of your ‘loungewear’. Go at your own pace and if you miss something or need to reinforce your learning can go over it as many times as you wish. If you live alone you do not need a date to attend any of these glorious cultural delights. Helping pollution and climate change by not jumping in the car to attend events. Exercising the grey matter by learning something new. Establishing more self confidence with your new skills. Enhancing conversation with your family and friends giving you new topics to chat about.

So with all these benefits what are you waiting for ? Cultural events and classes are plentiful on line right now because of the circumstances we find ourselves in so find one ….or several that interest you.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started :



Sign up to receive newsletters. On line virtual art tours with an expert at all major galleries. I can recommend ‘Beyond Caravaggio at The National Gallery’ as someone who has attended the Caravaggio Collection in person I learned much more on line ! Catch this currently on their website along with many other tours. FREE.


Also have a full digital events programme.

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The ROYAL OPERA HOUSE is currently streaming all major operas and the ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET with a weekly programme of on line shows and masterclasses via facebook. Or much easier use #ourhousetoyourhouse on youtube for your front row seat. Even better the operas come with subtitles so you you can gain a full understanding of the storytelling.

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There are many virtual wine classes but I chose this one as there are a full spectrum of classes to choose from which were user friendly. But also you can purchase the wine and drink alongside them as most of us have a local Laithwaites (although they do deliver). But also Wine Stores have been able to stay open in Lockdown 2 as an essential store ! ( I will second that ).

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Omg this is a gift ! Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber started this Youtube channel in the first lockdown after a summer haitus I am pleased to announce it returned in September and will continue until further notice. A weekly top West End Show is streamed each Friday goes ‘live” at 7pm and is available for 48 hours for FREE. The best seat in the house !! Grab the popcorn and the ice cream and sing like no one is watching !

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I own a top of the range Canon camera that I have never bothered to fully understand. It is only in lockdown that I became aware of this totally free on line course with Canon. Several hours of comprehensive on line lessons to taking better photographs. I have gained so much knowledge and hence developed a new hobby I am passionate about.

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JOJOS STYLIST TIP: All the above cultural experiences are FREE although many sites offer a donation option. Please donate as this industry has suffered monumentally during 2020 it will go along way to helping the industry survive so we can continue our new found passion in person and in full during 2021.

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