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Throughout lockdown I have had an array of books on my bedside table. I have rediscovered my love of reading. I generally love to read books that are going to improve me in some way so that I feel my time has been invested wisely.

So these are the last four books I have read that were simply so good that I wanted to share them with you.

Now we are all actively booking holidays what better time to get through that reading list. I was lucky enough to just return from a beautiful Villa in Kefalonia so I took a couple of these with me and I must say actually reading these book created a harmonious mindset and I have come back truly relaxed and enlightened. So much more refreshing than my usual fashion magazines.

THINK LIKE A MONK by Jay Shetty is everything I already do but reinforced in a different mindset. The read itself was an enjoyable journey of peace and tranquility. I was lucky enough to read this ensconced in a beautiful Villa by the ocean so the setting could not have been more perfect to put into practice of all Jays’ learning objectives contained within the book. A definite holiday read when you are fully relaxed enough to take it on board once you resume your busy lifestyle. An easy read reinforced by Jays experience adopting the Monks lifestyle for three years. I can honestly say my mind had never been more peaceful on any break and i think it was largely due to the content of this book flooding my brainwaves each day combined of course with the beautiful surroundings of FZEEN in KEFALONIA.

LET THE SOULS OF OUR CHILDREN SING by teacher and Journalist LEONORA LANGLEY is a must read for any parent, or teacher in an educational establishment. LANGLEY explores the increasing emphasis and value we place as a society on academic development at the detriment of creative exploration both in educational surroundings and at home. Could this be the link to the mental health epidemic in young people today ? How do we navigate our children’s development to ensure their needs are being listened to and their specialities are being discovered and nurtured. Are creative children happier children ? I would definitely recommend this book if you are responsible for children in any way. You can really make a difference to a child’s wellbeing , 140 pages long, set aside a weekend. A small book with a big message !!

BALANCE YOUR AGNI by CLAIRE PAPHITIS. As an ayurvedic indulger for many years now I understand the benefits in aligning our diet and behaviour with nature and the seasons. A large part of the the Ayurveda principle is really just listening to your body and ‘tuning up’ the senses. This is one of the best books if you are new to Ayurveda with a simple approach to adopting it into your everyday life. Once you have sorted out your Agni from your Doshas and Ojas you are good to go. Learn to use food as medicine and find balance and calm in your life you really can transform your life. A lovely short book packed with information you can get this read in one day on holiday. FZEEN the wonderful resort where I was staying even made some of the smoothies up for me .

Anyway enough already of the self improvement books (although I do think that is what makes holidays so transformative). Sometimes though you may just want pure escapism. As I live pre lockdown partly in LA I was eager to read DAVID NIVENS book on old school Hollywood, BRING ON THE EMPTY HORSES. Cited as one of the most honest books about Hollywood , its focus is from the mid-thirties until1960. Not so much of an autobiography but centring more on his famous Hollywood friends such as Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and many more. A fantastic romp and many of us reflect back on the good old days certainly on the surface much has changed but scratch the surface and the insecurities and ruthless behaviour are pretty much the same. This book provides a follow up (part two) to Niven’s autobiography THE MOONS A BALLOON. This book kept me riveted and I became lost in a bygone era. Maybe a book you may not have thought about reading as was first published in 1975 and like most of us too busy to read these days, but perfect for a good long holiday read to transport you a legendary Hollywood era with the superstar legends that made it legendary. Hear it first hand from someone that was there, something that any new book on Hollywood cannot claim to do !

So there you have it folks my four books I have read so far this Summer , on holiday …….. and my subsequent self inflicted post holiday quarantine ! I sincerely hope you pick up one of these excellent literary donations to my mental health and enjoy them as much as I have.



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