Breathwork is the new buzzword in the world of beauty. Deep breathing can result in mental, emotional and physical benefits. 80% of us are breathing incorrectly so a Breathwork class can train you to intentionally change your breathing pattern. Consciously breathing with intent. Many of you , I know perform Yoga on a regular basis and will be familiar with Prana breathing deep breathing through the nose.

After attending guided breathwork classes in LA I can honestly say I am much more focussed on my breathing in my everyday schedule and am reaping some noticeable benefits (see below) and i would recommend you to take at least a one:one class with a specialist. With a plethora of new breathwork classes/apps there is no shortage of choice and certainly no excuse for not giving it a go. This could change your life.

Breathwork classes either as a group or one to one have recently seen a surge of popularity and participants are reporting significant benefits. lets face it once we have had one class it is , at least something we can practise at home 24 hours a day.

The correct way of breathing is deep in the diaphragm and not in the chest so your chest and shoulders should be relaxed and not move at all. Engage the abdomen and extend as you INHALE. Using the abs to then decompress to expel the air. This is called BELLY BREATH. You actually have to engage the mind too as this does not come naturally at first.

We all breathed correctly when we entered the world if you watch a baby you will see they automatically breath deep into the abdomen as we get older and life takes over we start to take shallower breaths as stresses and strain of everyday living takes its toll.


BODY……… Deep breathing can reverse the ‘flight or fight’ response that we are naturally conditioned to, where our breathing speeds up and releases a surge of stress hormones eg cortisol and adrenaline. By controlling this stress reaction blood pressure can be lowered, more oxygen is delivered into your body which in turn removes carbon. The immune system is boosted. Energy levels are raised and the mind is calmed.85% of our energy amazingly comes from the breath. Even pain can be relieved.

SKIN………Clearly oxygenating our cells is a key factor in beautiful skin. That is why we spend billions each year on creams, serums and facials. But the best way of oxygenating our cells 24/7 is ….yes you guessed it…….by breathing correctly. The lymphatic system is boosted leading to a disposal of toxins. This slows down the ageing of the skin and has skin healing benefits. There are also claims that it improves Eczema.

WEIGHT…… Correct breathing aids weight loss. Well these reports maybe slightly exaggerated. However if you have an overeating problem caused by stress or emotional trauma or past baggage and breathwork calms you down then I can see there maybe a correlation. Breathing correctly can balance things out.

INSOMNIA…I use my new developed breathing skills to aid my sleep at night. You will be astonished at how rhythmic deep breathing and consciously slowing the breathing right down can rapidly send you into a deep sleep with no other aids.


The breath and more importantly the concentration of the breath is instrumental for the fusion of the mind and body. Your contact increases to the subconscious mind and allows the mind to find stillness and serenity. Concentrated breath of course is fundamental to meditation and cannot be achieved without mastering this at the outset. Harmony can be restored.


Breathpod – Group workshops or 90 min personal sessions. Shoreditch E2

The Shala- a whole range of classes and workshops . West Norwoood South London offer on line courses as well as 121 sessions and workshops across London.


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