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High tech face masks are huge right now in the beauty business. Very expensive and they come with huge promises of younger more rejuvenated skin. Beauty tech is one of the fastest growing trends in beauty today. This may have been contributed to the fact that we have all been locked in our homes over the last two years, but this trend shows no sign of slowing down. The “at home” salon is an idea we are all examining more closely. But do they actually work and do you need one in your beauty tool kit ? Let me spend my money so you don’t have to !

I own all 3 of these masks so I am not sponsored by any of these Companies this is an honest review and all opinions are my own.


LED (light emitting diodes) masks have become very popular with infra red beauty treatments being offered by all major beauty salons. These LED masks promise a little bit of that in clinic treatment in the comfort of your own home. However these masks are not cheap and having experienced both infra red treatments both in a salon and with this mask they do not deliver the same salon strength treatment.


Red light has been proven to improve skins elasticity and firmness by boosting collagen and stimulating new cell growth as the light waves penetrates the deeper layers of skin. While the blue light is good for acne by killing bacteria on the skin.


Must be used consistently. I have used mine more or less every day unless away on vacation. The timer is 3 minutes only but I cheekily press it twice to get a double session in which I hope I will achieve double results ! Use on cleansed skin. Can be used with a vitamin c cream but that could clog pores.


I have used this mask regularly for over one year and I personally have not seen any noticeable results ! Although I have read some reviews it seems that some people claim they have seen a clear difference in their skin which has become ‘smoother’. I do believe in the benefits of LED but this mask does not deliver the same results as when I visit the LIGHT SALON< HARVEY NICHOLS £45 for 25 mins when I leave looking 20years younger. I even booked my Mother in for a treatment who was shocked at the immediate tightening and rejuvenating of her skin.

Maybe the at home mask can be used as a supplement to a salon treatment. But I am sorry this mask does not deliver the same results.Certainly not the same professional results it claims. It does not have the same salon strength. A monthly treatment at the light salon though I CAN recommend .


This mask uses the ice tech of cryotherapy. A silicon mask with pads of liquid beads and acupressure points across the brow area. Only launched at the end of August ! Promises firmer lifted skin in10 minutes. Combining ice cold cryotherapy to reduce puffiness and firm the skin and acupressure to decongest and relieve tension.


The concept is simple. Exposure to ice cold temperatures increases the blood flow to the skin reducing inflammation and increasing radiance. Forcing your skin to create more collagen.


Just stick the mask in the freezer for 30 minutes before use. Then strap the mask to your face and under your chin and lie back and enjoy.


The coldness at first gives you brain freeze was quite painful but I have now got used to it. The results are excellent as a pre party pick you up. Or just to wake you up in the morning. As a fan of cryotherapy and its invigorating effects this does the same for your face. It certainly has toned my under chin up. The only thing is I think Charlotte has missed a trick here as the pads seem to be in the wrong place so my cheeks are nice and rosy and my forehead however I would like pads around my lip area for lip lines and also a blood rush to plump up my lips. Also the pads need to come up higher to cover my under eye area , an area that clearly can get results with coldness being applied, as any of you with a rose quartz roller will testify.

A few adjustments needed Charlotte or you can adjust the mask yourself maybe to sit higher on your face. But I would definitely recommend this mask which is of course reusable , so the price point is very good value with immediate results. I have only used this mask for one month consistently but the results are promising. Plump skin with a nice glow immediately post use but my jawline seems to be definitely more toned.


An anti ageing eye mask created by Dr Steve Harris Londons leading aesthetic Doctor. When I opened the box my first thoughts were this is a Joke as at first glance it looks just like an average silk eye mask…… for an astronomical cost . Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and promote emotional relaxation..


Carefully placed silicone dots to stimulate mechanoreceptors, the tiny little nerve endings in your face. Once this starts your automatic nervous system becomes involved which helps to relax the body.


Just pop it on press firmly on the central silicone dot for 5 seconds and relax for 15 minutes. Voila !


My initial scepticism was unfounded as I actually did feel my area was refreshed and less lined. I did feel deeply relaxed. I would definitely use this on a long haul flight, imagine I would wake up 21 again ! This does work Im not sure how, the only part I don’t like is the price it seems a bit steep for a very simple solution. Although out of all the masks I found the greatest improvement with this mask, so what price for beauty ???

Thank you for reading this today I really appreciate your time and comments.



JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: With any beauty treatments to see great results they must be carried out consistently and a holistic approach to skincare, nutrition and tech is the way forward.

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