Okay team if you have been on this journey with me over the last few years you should be feeling pretty chilled by now. Of course stress overload is a holistic management programme of diet, exercise, time management , meditation and handling techniques. But sometimes in the moment stress can raise cortisol levels and can be detrimental to ur health and our relationships if it is not handled in real time, there and then. Stress is not always bad and a life without stress means you are not pushing forward or getting enough out of life. So stress is NORMAL folks !

So let us look at 5 simple stress busters when you think it is just too much and it is impacting your time here on earth.


Stop ! Get outside to a green area , a peaceful area. Lie in a field. Hug a tree. Smell a flower. Listen to the birds. Watch the clouds. Throw some pebbles into a pond and notice the ripples. Reconnecting with nature will destress you instantly.


Hegu is a Chinese acupuncturist point located between the thumb and forefinger. The fleshy part. If you feel around this fleshy part until you hit a spot that is sensitive then press it firmly for a few minutes. This has a calming affect on the brain. So any time you feel heightened anxiety this is your go to pressure point but without the needles .

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When you feel your stress levels starting to rise start to focus on the breath. Breathing in to a count of 4 and exhale to a count of 7. Filling the abdomen with air on the inhale and expelling the air out of the abdomen on the exhale . Most people in stressful situations adopt shallow breathing and breathe from the chest and not deeper into the abdomen. This causes you to hyper ventilate. It is important to recognise the change in your breathing patterns when you become stressed and mange it by taking the breathing back to diaphragmatic state rather than a thoracic state. Poor breathing can result in many illnesses and do untold damage to your body. So learn to breathe properly and recognise when you are not can be the biggest ally when it comes to your health and diffusing a stressful reaction.

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I have my local Flotation Spa on speed dial . have a “celestial flotation pool ‘ that you can book as a couple or an individual so you have total peace and quiet within a darkened saltwater pool gazing up at the stars on the ceiling. The weightlessness and serenity of the environment contribute massively into instantly taking you to another calm place. Discover your local flotation centre/spa and log the number into your phone today. Perfect for getting you away from the situation it is a fortnights holiday in 20 minutes……..without the hassle of passport control !!!!


If you have not yet discovered the benefits of meditation , baby , where have you been !!! Not reading my blog thats for sure !! But when we are stressed it is especially difficult to empty the mind and be still. I have been there trust me but this is what I find useful:

Relax in a position you find comfortable ( for me it is lying down with lots of pillows)

Close your eyes and concentrate on the breath for a few minutes, as described earlier. Once you are in a rhythmic breathing pattern start to scan the body from the ankles up , over the knees continue up through the heart, shoulders, elbows, neck , head. Noticing how each of them feel.

Now concentrate on a place where you felt at your most relaxed. Focus on 5 things that you can see, 4 things that you can touch, 3 things you can hear , 2 things that you can smell, and 1 thing that you can taste.

You will find it is easier to transport yourself somewhere rather than emptying the mind.

Now concentrate on 3 things you are grateful for . Gratitude so important to relaxation.

Finally set your intention for the rest of the day. How do you want this day to unfold or end.

Lie still for as long as you need to . Then start to wriggle each part of your body as you bring yourself back to reality.

Open your eyes and Voila !! A NEW YOU !

I would advocate doing this meditation every morning for 20 minutes rather than waiting until you are fully stressed out . You will be a different calmer person. It sets your day up nicely .

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I hope you find these stress busters useful, let me know if you adopt any of them or indeed if you have any of your own stress busting tips.



JOJOS STYLELIST TIP:Only you can be in charge of controlling stress and any damage to your body and mind, so find what works best for you and you lifestyle and practise them regularly to help achieve a healthy balance. Do not wait until it is too late.

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