Well girls and boys its time….. to let you into a little secret. Ditch those chemically laden expensive products coconut oil has so many uses and it works even better . One product multiple use.

Must be virgin and cold pressed. The oil has not been exposed to high temperatures therefore has a higher nutritional value and higher anti bacterial properties. Also chemical free . Now I could think of hundreds of uses but these are my top 10 !!

  • HAIR MASK. Massage into dry hair either just on the ends or into the scalp too. It is beneficial for dandruff or itchy scalp. the unique structure of the Lauric acid means it penetrates the hair shaft better than other oils. I tend not to leave it on overnight but just for 30 minutes. A good tip when rinsing – apply shampoo before you wet the hair and massage it in it seems to remove the oil quicker. Can be a good hair mask on the beach too as it blocks some of the uv rays.
  • BODY MASSAGE. Now I have stated before that I don’t massage any chemical products into my body as I do believe they put toxins through a large area of your biggest organ, your skin. Apart from creating health problems it can exasperate cellulite. Coconut oil is chemical free and really is great for massage. It is good to massage it into your scalp. and all over your body at the same time and just lie on your yoga mat and meditate before rinsing. Massage should be a daily ritual. Love your body.
  • NIGHT FACIAL OIL/EYELASH LENGHTHENER facial massage and destress each evening before bed. You will wake up with soft glowing skin. this works better than any expensive night cream I have tried ! Massage into lashes at night for longer silkier lashes in the morning. Try it ! Many of my friends think I have false eyelashes …just coconut oil.
  • TEETH WHITENER/BREATH FRESHENER known as “pulling” swirl the coconut oil around your mouth and pull through your teeth for 10-15 minutes. The anti bacterial properties kill germs and inflammation in the gums and combat bad breath. Also I swear it leaves my teeth whiter and glossier it appears to remove any staining.
  • HANDS AND NAILS. rejuvenates the skin on hands making them instantly appear younger. Great for cuticle damage and repair and leaves nails looking glossy and healthy.
  • FEET. I massage coconut oil into my feet once a month for an overnight treat. I pop on a pair of cotton socks to protect the bed linen. Your feet and heels are lovely and soft in the morning. Our feet deserve a treat.
  • SMOOTHIES.Pop a tablespoon into a smoothie to moisturise your insides too. From brain membrane health to oiling your ligaments these are good fats ! Also don’t forget the skin and hair benefits from the inside. We still need to consume fats, folks !
  • COOKING. A healthy cooking oil with a high smoke point makes it a great oil to cook with. It has a delicate coconut flavour so great in stir fries.
  • ECZEMA/DERMATITIS. Its anti microbial properties make it effective in killing bacteria. Highly moisturising it may reduce inflammation and discomfort.
  • CLEANING. I use it regularly to clean the stainless steel in my kitchen (and great for barbecues) just apply with some kitchen towel to make it gleam! Works great on granite work surfaces too and polished wood!! Time to throwout the cleaning box !

So , just a few uses for your coconut oil.

JOJOS STYLE LIST TIP : For £8 jar of cold pressed virgin coconut oil think of not only the money saving on expensive products that don’t work as well…… but what about the space saving !! Go buy a jar and judge for yourself !!

My Favourite Coconut Oil

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