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Let me expand

I have never believed that rubbing chemically laden product into toxic cells really worked. More toxins on toxins ? If anything, can further compound the issue and force the cells to have to work harder to expunge more chemical waste.

I am very careful about using chemical products on my body where I rarely see the benefits. I can recommend daily body brushing before your shower to boost the circulation and cold water on the area for the same reason. Any benefit from applying product is normally from the consistent massage but instead of splurging on expensive product selling you hopes and dreams the same benefit can be gained from organic ,virgin cold pressed sesame or coconut oil.

One of my rituals each morning is to massage organic sesame oil into my body paying particular attention to thighs, elbows and knees.Really squeezing the toxins out you can actually hear any fluid in the cells popping. On hair washing days I also massage into my hair. Leaving it to sink in as I do my morning meditation and gratitude prayer. After rinsing in the shower you are left with silky glowing skin . Not only does this aid smooth skin but also it is a beautiful ritual to thank your body for all it does for you. It is very easy to do for yourself. Although I use organic coconut oil for everything ( even cleaning my house!!) I prefer to use the sesame oil so I don’t smell like a coconut all day. Both are far cheaper than the chemically laden expensive cellulite creams that really don’t work and can actually exacerbate the condition. The power is in circulation and massage.

I am in my fifties and I really don’t have a problem with cellulite (although we all have a bit) after following this regular regime combined with daily yoga……oh and of course a good diet and cutting down on processed food. Back to those chemicals again that don’t belong in the body !

So Ladies I hope this helps build your army in the battle against cellulite.

Jojo xx

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