Your weekly dose of positivity, inspiration and mind exercises to strengthen mental health and make your week a brighter happier place.

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Create A Vibrant Mind. Get Practising.

It’s time to exercise your most important muscle and you do not even have to go to the gym to do it. Yes, girls and boys we are talking about that wonderful muscle that can make or break us………our mind. The mind is a muscle that needs constant flexing.

So a great exercise to start with today is to start counting…………your blessings.

Find a quiet reflective place, grab a crisp beautiful journal and a brightly coloured gel pen for inspiration ( i love peaceful green ) and start listing. List your blessings.

If you can do this on a regular basis it exercises and strengthens the muscle memory in your brain. This will lead to a brighter outlook and a brighter future. A more optimistic outlook, banish depression and lead to a more beautiful life attracting the right people into your life with your sunny outlook.

MWAH MWAH xxxxxx


JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: Sometimes its hard to find things to be grateful for when you are in a dark place. But practise this exercise regularly and the light will start to break through. I have seen it work with many of my clients.

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