This post is dedicated to my best friend Dinx who suggested this article. Thank you for bringing positivity into my life on a daily basis x

The curse of Covid continues to live amongst us and is undeniably having a growing effect on health and finances but let us try to look at the positive effects this has had on us as individuals and globally. You subscribe to this blog because you subscribe to positivity so it is my task to find joy and purpose in life on a daily basis.

So lets focus on some positive points as after all we are going to have to live with this virus on a permanent basis. The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 is still with us today mutated into our regular Influenza.


  • Time to press the pause button. A period of reflection and thinking. Press the reset button. What a luxury rarely afforded to ourselves.
  • Decluttering the home in a mindful steady way. Bit by bit room by room . Developing a charity pile to take to donate to starved charities in this time. We also have learned to live without so much excess and from speaking to you all your needs have been differentiated from your wants.
female shopaholic with laptop shopping online in messy living room
  • Discovering new ways of working. Ways that work for you. Creating lovely office spaces at home. It is great if you have now been given options to combine the two. Many new jobs have been created for homeworkers helping stay at home Mother/Fathers. People have found new outlets for untapped creativity e.g writing books, TikTok, fashion design, Pet youtube videos.
  • Cooking healthy nutritious meals from scratch and more importantly eating them. No need for fast food now ! A skill that hopefully stayed with you when we returned to normal. You will never return to junk food once you have been eating so healthily and realise it takes less time to put a healthy meal together than to order a takeaway.
  • Catching up on movies you have been meaning to watch for years. Even live theatre streaming on YouTube channel The Show Must Go On a front row seat that you may not have had the time or money for pre lockdown.
  • Nature appreciation. Long walks in the Countryside. Noticing colours, smells and the visual stimuli for the first time in many cases. A time to build up an exercise regime that you enjoy and to continue an appreciation of the beautiful Country we live in that we may only have noticed the first time during lockdown.
person wearing yellow jacket walking in forest
  • Less pollution on the roads. A chance to reset globally. It took a surprisingly short period to improve air quality substantially globally proving a massive health benefit for many. Although the current rail strikes have not helped the situation. But what was apparent there were much more car sharing happening more thought and planning had gone into our daily commute. The challenge is to use this time to maintain the low levels by reassessing working practices. I personally can notice a difference in the air quality in Central London even today compared to pre lockdown.
  • Appreciate friends and family more. Spending more time together, talking , playing board games, eating together. I know this has exposed some weaknesses in relationships but this provides a chance to air grievances. Or indeed walk away, it is a true test of a relationship tif you enjoying staying in with someone as opposed to going out with them.
  • Restaurants are much more enjoyable now with more appreciation for more distancing between tables. A direct result from the socially distanced covid requirements. Less people less noise and no one sitting right next to us listening into(and sometimes joining in) conversations makes the whole experience infinitely more enjoyable. I am sure as Customers we will become increasingly demanding on this and not put up with being squashed into tight spaces. I have been campaigning for years to put more space between tables in restaurants as I don’t particularly want people I have not invited to join me for lunch. I consistently ask to be redirected to a table with more space and now I don’t have to ! Loving this point.
interior design of a glass wall restaurant
  • Stimulating my mind with the huge growth of on line courses. Art,wine,photography, piano ,poker, just a few ways I have found to educate myself further.
  • Helping the planet by buying less clothing . No more fast fashion fixes. After all there is nowhere to go ! It does reassess your values and you probably found pieces lurking at the back of the closet when you were doing all that cluttering !

You I am sure noticed that there are in fact 11 post Covid Cures and not 10 , testament to my positivity. In fact I could think of several more. Why not try writing your own list.

JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: New routines take 21 days to become a habit and a consistent part of our new normal. We have had a good deal longer than 21 days so get going Stylistas !



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