OK guys lets get the jokes out of the way. Vagus diametrically opposed to ‘Vegas” this is not a wild, partying drinking exercise but a calming, peaceful experience.

I first learned about the Vagus Nerve and the Thymus gland (fed by the VN) many years ago during my training to become a Sound Healing Practioner. The benefits of stimulating this nerve and gland are so great I thought i would share them with you today.

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The Vagus nerve is the longest of all cranial nerves. It travels from the brain through the trachea, larynx, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, pancreas and intestines.


Bearing in mind all the organs this nerve passes through the benefits to both your body and your mind can be huge. There is a direct link to mental health such as depression and anxiety. Coping with the effects of stress on the body by calming the heart rate and emotions. Inflammation in the organs. Responsible for making white blood cells therefore boosting immunity. Aids digestion as the nerve is supplying the digestive tract right down into the intestines. The health of this nerve therefore is important to the body holistically.



  1. To calm your anxiety immediately we can use the branch of the vagus nerve in the ear and neck. There are many nerve endings in this area stemming from the vagus nerve. So gently pull on each ear in turn. Massage gently behind the ear in front of the hairline and then in front of the ear. The massage should be light and sensory not full acupressure. When in front of the ear bring the middle finger and fore finger in a straight line down the side of each neck. You will find this action very calming and great for anxiety.


As the vagus nerve is connected to the vocal chords and throat this is a great way to stimulate them and reap all of the aforementioned benefits. Of course belting out Motorhead or heavy metal songs will not have the same effect as gentle music and gentle chants too. As you are probably aware chanting is normally deep in the throat try OHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHH, EEEEEEEEEH. Humming is also good . Hum every morning when you are in the shower to wake that Vagus Nerve up.


Just rhythmic breathing from the abdomen can really help but combining this with Ujjai breathing is really powerful. If you practise yoga you will be familiar with this style of breathing, throat breathing. Vibrating a sound as you breathe out deep in the back of the throat.


Holding poses, breathing, twisting, chanting relaxation. Doing a daily yoga practice can maintain a healthy vagus nerve and keep it at an optimum level.


This gland is located in the centre of your chest just behind the breastbone and directly connected to the vagus nerve. Leading Psychotherapists state that the Thymus Gland “controls the life energy of the body”. Tapping on the Thymus is a simple technique you can use anytime if you want to strengthen your immune system.

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The tapping should be heavy enough to make a drumming sound in your chest. Tap in an anti clockwise direction for about 30 seconds. breathe naturally as you do this. The vibration caused by the tapping stimulates the gland and the vagus nerve it is attached to, massaging the heart, lungs and bronchial tubes and draws blood and energy to nourish the thymus.

The thymus tap is also good for jet lag. Tap every hour while travelling to reset your body clock.

So this extra long nerve and this little gland are incredibly powerful and by giving them a little extra attention and some love and care you will reap some amazing rewards.


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JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: As a Sound and Vibration expert never underestimate the power of vibration on the body. Remember 60% of the body is water. Vibration helps to clear the channels and pools of stagnation within the body. .Think of it like a flowing mountain stream with clear fresh water and eliminating those muddy little pools. These exercises contained in these articles will help you to connect with your body and get to know it better.

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