Having experienced Hammam in Turkey and Morocco and the UK I feel I am well qualified to give you a masterclass in the art of Hammam. Some of you may be filled with trepidation or not be versed in what is exactly involved when you sign up for one. Hammam was very popular way back in the Roman empire but is now a prominent feature in the culture of the muslim world. In recent years it has shown increasing popularity in the Uk with most Spas now incorporating a Hammam as the norm.

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  • Intense cleansing
  • Deeply nourishing
  • Detoxification
  • Skin regeneration
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Decongestion of airways
  • Invigorating
  • Toning


Many do a Hammam fully naked to get the greatest benefits. Or a towel wrapped around the lower half . But many Spas will issue paper panties. If feeling exposed you can opt to wear a bikini top. Be aware that many Hammam therapists will massage over your breasts so please indicate to your terapist if you would rather they omit this and opt for a towel placed to cover the area.

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Please note sequence of events will change dependent on your chosen location/Country but generally most of these next steps should happen.

On entering the steam bath and steaming for 15 minutes to open the pores…….

  1. Rubbed down vigorously with a black eucalyptus soap , decongesting and invigorating. A kessa glove is used to exfoliate all over the body , you will be surprised how much dirt comes off and how smooth your skin feels.
  2. Rinsed down. In Morocco and Turkey this is with icy cold water. Thrown over me in a bucket in Turkey ! But in Uk gentler with lukewarm water although I would recommend you try the cold and hold your breath . Feels great afterwards.
  3. Pat dry. You are taken to an adjoing room away from the steam area. Then apply the Rhassoul, a natural mineral clay mud mask. All over the body, face and hair to remove further dead skin cells and tighten the pores. Relax for 10 minutes once dried this is rinsed with warm water or you are asked to use a shower in the room to ensure all clay is rinsed off.
  4. The deep tissue massage is the final stage usually with an argan oil that can be neutral or you maybe offered an essential oil that can be added. Orange blossom oil is commonly offered which lifts the mood and refreshes the mind. I would not opt for a relaxing oil as the Hammam is not really meant to be a relaxing treatment but an iinvigorating refreshing wake up experience.

Do not shower off after the massage leave the oils on for as long as possible even if you have the oil in your hair just pop on a baseball cap go home and chill.

Well I hope that has dispelled some of the myths of the Hammam turkish bath and you feel confident to try one ! A monthly ritual is recommended for optimum benefit.



JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: When rinsing oil or clay from your hair always apply neat shampoo to hair BEFORE adding any water otherwise can take a while to remove !

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