I have talked about the powerful beauty and health properties of herbs but now it is all about the spices. so now it is time to put some spice back in your life. so let’s take a look at a few spices you can introduce into your life immediately.

four assorted spices on wooden spoons
Put The Spice Back In Your Life


Sometimes called Curcumin. This bright orange spice has amazing anti ageing properties. Anti oxidant and anti inflammatory it has an ability to fight toxic free radicals in the body. Reducing the risk of free radicals forming and reducing stress in the body. It also has anti viral properties to protect the body from virus or eradicate what is already there.

Curcumin has also been found to increase the growth of new neurons in the brain to help fight degenerative brain diseases and boost memory and cognitive function.

It is good to consume with a fatty meal as it breaks down and dissolves in fat allowing for greater absorption. Try it as powder in soups , curries or golden milk (recipe given at the end to maximise all the spices in one drink ).

Turmeric should always be taken with black pepper tor maximum effectiveness which takes us to the next spice.


Often called the king Of Spices and has been used in ancient ayurvedic medicinal practices for many years. Black pepper contains Piperine which speeds up the absorption of turmeric so always add to your turmeric. Cn improve blood sugar control and increase metabolism. Other health benefits include anti-inflammatory and potential cancer fighting properties. Was used in ancient medicine for menstrual, ear, nose and throat disorders due to its anti bacterial content.


The quality of the cinnamon is paramount here. Also I must point out that consuming cinnamon breakfast buns does not count ! This tends to be a cinnamon sugar so there are no benefits with these. Sorry folks !

Most of the cinnamon you see in supermarkets is “cassia” cinnamon which does not contain the same health properties as “true” cinnamon. So the only true cinnamon is Sri Lankan cinnamon. Many people do not realise there are two types of cinnamon. Cassia is considered a lower quality cheaper cinnamon. So look for TRUE cinnamon to enjoy its many benefits.

Just a sprinkle of cinnamon can reduce the fat and glucose absorption when taken with a meal. Very good for diabetics. Very rich in anti oxidants. Also sprinkled onto oats, coffee or milk can curb a sweet tooth. But can also be. used in curries, tagines and eggs and other savoury dishes. However cinnamon in large doses can be dangerous although it is hard to consume spoonfuls of cinnamon you only have to view the TIK TOK challenge to understand that !


Can help to reduce high blood pressure which also reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Also increases the production of digestive fluid to aid digestion and provide protection in the stomach against infections.

I also sprinkle this on food to speed up my metabolism. I am sure many of you tried Beyonces 3 day diet of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne before an important event to shed those pounds.

ginger powder in silver canister
Ginger Root Or Powder Both Effective


This ancient spice has MANY health properties in both fresh root or powdered variety. Helps in the digestion of food and speeding it along the intestines. Great for lowering blood sugar. It is very well known for curing nausea and travel sickness, remember Granny giving you a piece of stem ginger in the car ?

Can also help to fight off chronic dieases and promote health ageing by preventing stress and damage to your body’s DNA. I also find it fantastic with migraines and colds.

I love the taste of ginger in both savoury or sweet dishes. Use in curries, soups, green juices,rice pudding ,porridge, cookies the list is endless to get a daily quota of ginger.

masala indian tea in mug
Golden Milk (add more turmeric for a rich beautiful golden tone)


An ancient Ayurvedic recipe this comforting milk can contain all the above spices for amazing benefits and sending you off to a peaceful sleep.

Boil some coconut or almond milk in a saucepan .

add a teaspoon of turmeric, a quarter of teaspoon of ginger, a sprinkle of cinnamon and black pepper. Add a couple of cardamom pods. Simmer for 10 minutes. Strain into a mug and sprinkle the top with nutmeg. Do not add any cayenne as it will leave you awake all night.

This is delicious add some honey if you prefer it sweeter . I don’t know anyone who has not had an amazing nights sleep after a mug of Golden Milk at bedtime.



JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: everyone needs some spice in your life time to get some in your store cupboard to add boost the health benfits of your food and liven up your taste buds. Visit your local Indian supermarket today for a wider variety and better quality spices.


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