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I think we probably all have someone in our life that have been bad to us or let us down. We probably feel deep anger and disappointment in these people we trusted and let into our lives. Why didn’t they treat us the way with the courtesy and kindness we showed them. The feelings get deep routed into our psyche more than we know and it impacts our other relationships and existing and future friendships.

Today I want you to practice letting go of regret, guilt, or resentment and to start making space for forgiveness, happiness , it is time to set yourself free.

Remember this exercise is about you not the other person . The other person has the problem not you. Forgiving them does not necessitate you talking to them this is about the relationship with yourself.

However if you feel the need to make yourself heard in order to heal. Then arrange to have a conversation with this person.

If you miss the person and want to repair the relationship then write a letter / e mail to this person and SEND it giving them time to digest your feelings without interruption or argument. After reflection you may find you contributed to the situation that arose. So, explore this.



JOJO’s STYLELIST TIP:Both forgiveness of others or self forgiveness is extremely cathartic it is all about controlling ones own mind and feelings in order to heal oneself in order to move forward and find freedom.

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