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With mental health problems continuing to soar in these anxious times and access to NHS services severely restricted it is not time to give up ! Do not disappear further down a deep dark hole if you feel there is no outside help, it is time to help yourself. Let us do this together.

Here are some helpful points to give yourself a therapy session. After all no one knows you better than you know yourself The worst thing you can do is nothing at all while you are on the waiting list for professional help and who knows by time you have practised this list you may decide you no longer need professional therapy.

The following methods have helped many of my clients with their mental health who have sought my help in my capacity of a professional Sound Healing Therapist and have certainly helped myself too. It is very important to examine your own mental health regularly as you would examine say your breasts for lumps.

So here are the 5 rules:


What do you need when you find yourself in a difficult period ? Most people at this time will NOT feel like going out to clubs and socialising but you may feel like walking your dog in the countryside or curling up on the sofa with a great movie. So identify what YOU need to feel better and allow yourself the time to do WHATEVER COMFORTS YOU .


Define the situation. Write it down. relationships, money, friends or general lethargy. Be brutally honest with yourself . Are you part of the problem? Self examination is a great tool. But if you are really finding this difficult or this does not fit with your personality type then enlist the help of a friend to talk it through with, but ask them to be honest and open too. The method of self examination works for many but it depends on the type of person you are.

There is a danger of thinking none of this is your fault otherwise then you cannot effect change.


Analyse the situation. How it happened ? Why it happened ? When did you start feeling this way ? What prompted this feeling? Again write it down.


How can you make this better ? What do YOU want ? Step outside of yourself and look in as an outsider. De personalise for a moment.

What would you tell your Son/Daughter/best friend if they were in the same situation ?

Visualise how you would like to feel. Dream how you would like to be. Write down your goals to achieving this.


TALK. To someone. Anyone. This does not have to be a trained therapist. Do not bottle things up. Sometimes just releasing pent up feelings can see a marked improvement in mood.

It is time to take control before it gets out of control.

JOJOS STYLELIST TIP:If it is a situation that is causing poor mental health just remember what looks bleak one day to remember there are good times ahead you just never know what is around the corner . Anticipate the good times. Think of a relationship break up you think your world has ended and you will never meet someone like them but the next one is ALWAYS better than the last one. How many of us can relate to that ??



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