There are two schools of thinking on how much water to drink daily. On school say just drink when you are thirsty, your body will tell you how much water you need. But the other school tell you to drink at least 2 litres a day to fulfil all your body and brain requirements and thirst should not be the only indicator.

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So let’s take a closer look at what water can REALLY do for you.

Simply put water is the best way to hydrate your body. Just water no sodas, coffee, alcohol. Simple plain water. Our bodies are made up of 60% water so it needs replacing.. Our brains bare made up of 73% water so imagine the detrimental affects of being dehydrated mentally.

It is easy to see if you are dehydrated , look at your pee ! It should be pale yellow consistently at every urination. 75% of us are chronically dehydrated with many of us drinking less than 0.5 litres per day !!

So lets look at the benefits to staying hydrated.

  • SKIN Drinking water flushes out toxins in the skin cells. These toxins increase ageing and also skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Many studies have shown that drinking 2 litres a day hydrates the water content in cells boosting them and reversing fine lines and plumping the skin reducing blotchiness. We use moisterizer to hold water in the skin , but there has to be water in the skin for your cream to have any effect. We spend a fortune on skin creams but one very cheap change is to drink more water and use a cheaper moisterizer.
  • HEART HEALTH Dehydration decreases the volume of blood in your arteries and veins which constricts the diameter causing the blood to pump harder. In short dehydration is as harmful to your heart as smoking. Studies show that half of all people suffering strokes are dehydrated. So easily preventable.
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  • WEIGHT LOSS Hunger is usually thirst. The same area of the brain controls hunger that controls thirst. So next time you reach for a snack try drinking two small glasses of water. Also water before a meal can fill up your stomach so you eat less. Healthy hydration can boost the metabolic function by 30% this is increased by drinking ice cold water.. Basic thermodynamics the body has to work harder to warm the water to body temperature. Although personally I drink more water if it is room temperature it is definitely harder to consume freezing cold water in large quantities.
  • FATIGUE Even mild hydration can lead to tiredness, sluggishness and brain fog. Trouble concentrating and mood swings can also be affected. This is where I personally notice when I am dehydrated. When I have had my 2 litres of water my energy levels soar my body and brain feel truly alert and my hormones feel in balance. Welcome to more energy.
  • SMARTER If our brains are made up of 73% water it makes sense that when they are dehydrated cognitive function is boosted. Studies have shown that even a 1% deficit of hydration can interfere with your ability to think clearly. Dehydration has been found to cause short term memory loss. Drinking just 6-8 glasses of water a day can amplify your brains ability to work and analyse by up to 30%.
  • BETTER BREATH Oral health is overhauled with better hydration.. Not drinking enough water means less saliva which in turn leads to more bacteria multiplying that no only causes bad breath but can cause tooth decay and gum disease.
  • LESS ALCOHOL When you find yourself reaching for that glass of wine in the evening grab a big glass of water , my bet is that you no longer need the wine. When out on the town drinking water between every drink can help to stay hydrated. Alcohol is one of the great dehydrators so help your body and brain .

So here are just a few benefits of drinking 2 litres of water every day. Not convinced try an experiment, drinking the full quota for one month and see how YOU feel .



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