As my subscribers will know from over the years I NEVER make life limiting resolutions. Instead I choose a MANTRA word , a focussed meaning to keep me on track throughout the year ahead. Last year was PEACE the year before ADVENTURE. But my mantra word for 2023 is LAUGHTER. Many of us have forgotten how to laugh so this year I want to laugh more and i will choose to surround myself with people that make me laugh or at least smile.

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Find Your Inner Child

So live your own Sit Com try to see the funny side in every situation make it comical. See the world through a childs eyes. Remember how much you laughed as a child when you did not take life so seriously through many years of societal conditioning. Go to Disney World ride a rollercoaster. Make snow angels in the snow. Even spend more time in the company of children. Head to a Comedy Club. Watch funnier TV less politics and news !!! In short, just plan for more laughter in your life . How many of us, even do that ?

So why is laughter so important and even if it not your chosen MANTRA word for 2023 still build more laughter into your life. Just look at the following benefits :

  • Laughter lowers levels of adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is linked to weight gain, heart disease, alzheimers and cancers. Laughter doesn,t just cut the levels of the bad stuff but it also floods the body with the good stuff. Humour stimulates dopamine ut without the side effects that other dopamine inducers like alcohol and drugs. Laughter is the safe drug to be addicted. Reduce your anxiety levels and enhance your wellbeing with a good belly laugh.
  • A 1996 study found that hospital patients that watched more comedy need fewer prescription pain drugs than patients that had more serious viewing habits ! In fact more medical institutions are using laughter therapy in the treatment of chronic pain.
  • Laughter burns calories and can make you fitter and of course tone abdominal muscles. %) calories for every 10 minutes of guffawing.
  • Just by forcing a smile or making yourself laugh as in laughter yoga can change your whole mood and can demonstrate wonderful mental health benefits and reduces depression.
  • Having a good laugh with someone can improve friendships and relationships by increased bonding and enjoying their company more so you want more time with them.

So come on readers LEARN TO LAUGH MORE. LET THE SILLINESS BEGIN………………………..



JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: You can train yourself to laugh on a regular basis until it becomes a habit. Its like switching a switch> Checkout my laughter yoga video and article on this site. Or checkout my youtube channel at SOULJUNK-E.COM

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