Located on the corner of Sunset Blvd and Doheny Drive. LA at its finest uber cool and super stylish. The Edition brand was conceived and the space designed by Ian Schrager in conjunction with Marriott with hip hotels in London, New York, Barcelona,Miami but new hotels planned for Asia. Now open for business in the last few weeks be one of the first to stay in this flagship West Coast Hotel.



I was lucky enough to receive this in a goody bag (full sized) at the launch of the new MEDISPA at Harvey Nichols in September. I am hooked , visibly plumping and firming. Stylish packaging. Scientifically proven range of aesthetic products winning global awards and recognition. I personally had not heard of them prior to the event but I will definitely be buying more for £60 ! Love to share these beauty finds with you i’m extra critical of false promises but equally like to tell you when I find a good one. Try it yourself and let me know what you think.



I was lucky enough to attend Nicholas Coleridge soiree at the V&A Museum of which he is Chairman as well as still the current chairman of Conde Nast magazine. The evening was to promote his new book THE GLOSSY YEARS of which I can firmly say is a hoot of a read. An insight into the world of style, it is a book to get really lost in. The man himself an epitome of style and very charming in that old Etonian spirit. Both book and person win the style award for October.



This season instead of opting for black as the nights draw in try substituting it for navy. Navy always looks more expensive opt for a little navy dress instead of a little black dress. There is a return to more ladylike dressing of a bygone era especially for our age group. It is time to get sophisticated again and I always think of navy as being one of the most sophisticated of colours especially teamed with pearls . Choose the palette of navy to suit your colouring, of course.



Well this one wins hands down for style. The bio pic of Judy Garland as portrayed by the wonderful Renee Zellweger. Whatever you thought of the film it was indeed very glamorous and indulgent perfect for a rainy afternoon at the cinema followed by cocktails at The Ritz. This film made me want to back to that era so wesat at the bar drinking champage from saucer shaped glasses and drinking Aviation cocktails.



The week before we saw this Jennifer Lopez movie in contrast was an utter pile of tripe. Naive and cliched and over acted with a shallow script, and I say this as a J-Lo fan. 1/10.


JOJO xxxxxxx


Normally when I write the travel articles I have visited the places I write about several times. But I must confess I have never visited Berlin before until recently as it didn’t excite me. How wrong could I be !! I have totally fallen in love with the place and cannot wait to return . What an exciting, efficient intriguing city. Do not wait any longer like I did …..

So I am going to share with you my 48 hours of fun and culture

FRIDAY 4.30pm

Whisked to our Hotel The Ritz Carlton at Potsdamer Platz. Now on of my firm favourite hotels and perfectly situated between East and West Berlin. Undeniably chic with an Art deco design with three great bars and an award winning restaurant. Unpack and explore the local area.


Dinner at COA almost opposite the hotel. Asian fusion fresh healthy food. Woks and bowls lightly cooked. Dim Sum 5E for three so we ordered a whole selection. Prawn Massaman curry swiftly followed 11.90E . great value amazing food and cool surroundings.


Back to the hotel and head to the Curtain Club. Live music and one of the most innovative cocktail menus that confuses the senses. We order a Prophecy which arrives smoking with wood chips to “let the reincarnation of your soul flow through your throat”. My ‘Mori San’ a sake based drink promoting positivity, security and balance. Mysterious venue I felt like Marlene Dietrich !

SATURDAY 10.00am

We embark on a day of sightseeing but not before heading to the Berlin Mall 15 minutes walk. The mall was so empty with some fabulous shopping and we were presented with maps on entering .Worth a visit and lots of coffee bars. We then grab a taxi which was fairly easy but the buses run every 10 minutes 24 hours a day, to what remains of the Berlin wall. 10 minute journey. The wall is steeped in history and the graffiti makes very interesting reading. ensure you visit the EAST SIDE GALLERY part of the wall. It is the 30th Anniversary of the wall coming down this November and there is a festival and concert planned. Checkpoint Charlie is another stop point but more central 10 minutes away.


We decide to lunch at Pirates Berlin with a view of the wall and the river on the other side. A club with a small beach we sit on the deck outside as it was a lovely sunny day. What a fun place great service and good food. This is the only restaurant on the east bank of the East side gallery. Would reccomend. Very much burgers, pizza and pasta. But had a sweet potato and avocado salad for 9 E and a German staple a half kilo of grilled tiger prawns.


After lunch ( we spent longer here than anticipated soaking up the atmosphere), grab another taxi to THE BRANDENBURG GATE. One of Berlins most important and historical monuments. It really is a lovely part of Berlin around this part the long Boulevards remind me of Paris in a bygone era. In fact its address is Pariser Platz.

We visit the ‘ Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe’ 2711 concrete slabs arranged in a grid. Haunting and very quiet.

The Reichstag Building and German Parliament is a short walk away but we discover you have to prebook to tour inside. Strolling through the park on our return we decide to sample Bratwurst hot dogs at one of the many kiosks. Wnen in Germany.


After my reflexology appointment in the wellness area this must be arranged in advance but a welcome relief from my day of walking. Still full from Bratwurst we decide to head out for cocktails. So we head for a legendary Kaiser Cup cocktail at the equally legendary HOTEL ADLON KEMPINSKI. This is a Hotel from the golden age. The hotel where Michael Jackson famously , for the wrong reasons, dangled his child from the window. Dietrich, Chaplin, Garland have all stayed here. A hotel from a bygone era. A pianist gently tinkling the ivories this was a very sophisticated setting. There is a reasonable light bar menu too if you should need sustenance with the very potent Kaiser Cup.

On our return to the Hotel we cant resist the call of The Fragrance Bar where Cocktails are made based on your favourite perfume . “A sensorial experience”. Guests are invited to discover their signature drink by finding their favourite elements of a fragrance. This is like a mad scientists laboratory with a long line of test tubes. One problem I love smoky woody perfumes but I didn’t love my smoky woody cocktail. Neither of which I remember the name, sorry, blame it on the Kaiser Cups. But this bar is one of a kind. Even if you stay at another Hotel, come here for this aromatic experience. After one cocktail (well at this bar !) we head to bed.

SUNDAY 10.00am

As we love our art we decide a visit to the Dali museum a short walk away is a must. We spend a morning here and buy some beautiful arty books. This was an impressive museum with some great works. Very quiet and nicely laid out. A real treat.


We head back to the hotel to checkout and leave the luggage with concierge. A table at POTS the widely acclaimed restaurant at the Ritz Carlton perfect for a special lunch to end a perfect trip in a perfect city.

My word the food here was special 26 euros for three course set menu !!

Beetroot,mozarella and pistachio to start , followed by red perch with saffron and fennel and banana souffle. The sommelier paired the wines perfectly and allowed us some tastings at the table. I have been saving myself for this lunch . Magnifique ! ( I know its French but my German is not good )

After lunch our driver is waiting in the foyer to whisk us on the short drive to the airport. Everything about this City is efficient, clean , spacious and surprisingly relaxing. I cant believe i waited so long I certainly wont wait too long to return. 10/10



Positive inspiration and life lessons for a healthy, happy you ! Be your best self !


We probably all find something or someone to complain about every single day. Every time we complain it sows some negativity seeds within us. Even when it is deserved and we feel it is empowering us it is exhausting to complain. So let us try to avoid it this week or even just for today. One day at a time ……maybe?

So, today when you feel tempted to complain about the weather, a friend, politics your aches and pains. STOP. Instead of giving in to moaning or getting irritated let it pass. See what it does for your mind and spirit to let it go without comment. Also the people around you benefit too !

JOJOs STYLELIST TIP: Positivity breeds popularity.

JOJO xxxxxx


There maybe many reasons why at 50+ you find yourself living alone. If it was not your choice it can be daunting and you can feel lonely. Being alone and being lonely are two very different things.

Data from the Office for National Statistics show that the divorce rate is increasing for the over 50s to an all time high. Or the death of a beloved partner can have a devastating affect on you . Or it maybe you never met a partner you would want to live with.

After a stressful divorce, lets face it , its ALWAYS stressful , over 20 years ago I made a conscious decision to remain independant and in control of my life and keep the sanctity of my home, alone. I have stuck to that decision and never once regretted this. I would not have had such an amazing adventurous life full of interesting people yet keeping my home as a peaceful sanctuary. As a single mother I of course had my Son to devote my undivided attention to in the home. Of course I did date and enjoy the company of men I just never saw the need to live with one. There was more to lose than to gain. Certainly more washing , cooking and ironing !! Lol ! Now my Son is a beautiful young man and is no longer at home I still relish being able to experience peace and freedom WHEN I CHOOSE. One of the most elusive achievements in busy lives today is to be able to find peace and harmony and live a healthy rewarding life. This is always possible when you live alone. Living alone also makes you a stronger person, it begins and ends with you. Decision making, emotional stability a wider social circle , financial responsibility can all grow your confidence. You are not a half you are a whole …..the driver of your own destiny.

I realise there are many couples who have an enjoyable fulfilling life. It is whatever works for you as an individual but if for any reason you are reading this and you suddenly find yourself alone later in life, embrace it. My social circle largely consist of both men and women choose to live alone and like me they are honestly the happiest people I know. Gone is the myth of the sad singleton. Most people later in life who have tried living alone for a few years find that they too admit they would find it hard to live with someone again. So, if you find yourself sitting at home reading this as your newly single let’s cheer you up with some light hearted reasons to LOVE LIVING ALONE !

  • In charge of all your finances no need to hide those new Manolos
  • The TV remote is ALL yours
  • Sleep well. No snoring, fidgeting, stealing the bed linen.
  • No pressure to perform….or sulking if you don’t !!!
  • Less time spent queueing up for a weekly shop in supermarkets
  • Less time wasted on chores
  • Great girls nights out without worrying about waking someone up when you get in.
  • Accept whatever exciting invitations come your way
  • You don’t have to share the tub of Haagen Dazs.
  • Studies have shown single people are fitter and happier.
  • Less lonely in your old age as you have been used to living alone and have developed a social circle.
  • Pamper nights in without feeling guilty
  • No compromises
  • You get the last rolo !!

I could list a hundred other reasons !!!!




Positive and inspirational lessons for a healthy, happy you !


Grab a coffee and sit in a pavement cafe and just watch people walking by and going about life. Everyone has their own stories . Construct their stories in your own head. Their fears, their insecurities, financial difficulties, their strengths, what makes them laugh, when they last cried. are they happy with themselves, with life. Their battles and their victories. Backgrounds and professions.

This can really change the way you look at others and understand we are all pretty much the same and we all want the same things from lives and face similar challenges.

I feel this weeks lesson is very important in the current political climate when we all seem so angry with people that we do not know and we all actually want the same outcome.

Lets be more forgiving .

JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: Kindness and a smile is normally reciprocated.

JOJO xxxxxx


If you are one of my followers I already know you are interested in ALL things style not just your own but your homes, your cars, your friends , your partners and this extends to your …….dogs ! As a nation of pampered pooches we now love our dogs to complement us and look equally stylish. So lets have a closer look at whats hot right now in doggy style ……..

Its been a long time since I owned a dog after the death of my beloved labrador. But all my friends and family own dogs and I was surprised on how things have changed in the doggy world. They have become style icons with their fashion, adopting a healthy lifestyle with their nutrition and taking care of their bodies with the latest beauty treatments. Yes dogs have become the new supermodels !!

The new regime for dogs in todays world has come a long way in the last 10 years that I decided to write an article on the new doggy world of style. If you are a dog owner and not down with the programme why not ? Lets look at some current trends.

Model Loki


I realise many owners have complete wardrobes for their dogs and the jury is out on whether dogs enjoy dressing up or not. Some dogs really seem to love it only you know your dog. But some dogs genuinely feel the cold and I think it is wise for dogs that have no undercoat and short hair. There really are some quite dapper coats and sweaters for dogs now. Equafleece produce warm, water repellant and breathable sweaters and coats for dogs. Other good websites are and These are for outerwear only and it is important not to let your dog get overheated so remove clothing once inside the house (the dogs , not yours !)

Getting the coat to fit correctly is important especially if you are ordering on line. LENGTH – measure from the base of the collar to the base of the tail. GIRTH – measure the widest part of the chest just behind the front legs. NECK – where the collar would normally sit.


The health food market for dogs has exploded within the last 5 years. is a cult site for healthy kitchen food for dogs. Proper meat and all the recipes are veterinary approved. Even the packaging is eco friendly. Dental care is important and many owners forget to brush their dogs teeth regularly. Woofbrush from Lilys Kitchen provides excellent dental care. A chew stick containing fennel,coconut oil,parsley,kale and decaf green tea – I might try one myself. They actually smell really good and are all the ingredients I have in a green juice in the morning. Coconut oil can be especially bought for dogs and if you read my article recently on the many uses of coconut oil, here is a few more. It is great for bad canine breath as it contains Lauric acid , it is also good for their digestive and immune systems. There are so many benefits from using this amazing oil that you must be careful to start small just a teaspoon. Also too much oil can raise cholesterol levels. Slippery Elm is a natural herb in a capsule, powder and syrup is also good for your pets digestive tract and totally natural. All my friends seem to be giving their pets probiotics for overall health this is new to me ! I guess whats healthy for humans has migrated into the pet market and they gain the same benefits there are many on the market to choose from. But probiotic plain greek yogurt works too, not flavoured, as sugar is not good for them. But a powder sprinkled over their food is probably easiest. Not all things that are good for humans are good for dogs just one grape can kill your beloved pet and cherries are equally toxic. Raisins can cause kidney damage and citrus fruits can cause bad stomach upsets.

Natural Chew Stick


Oh here I go again with my favourite product coconut oil !! Another use ! For sleek and glossy coats brush through,

great for dog odours too. Apply topically to eczema or wounds as coconut oil has great healing properties.. it is important to brush your dog daily to detangle hair and minimise shedding as it thins the undercoat. Cleaning their ears eyes and teeth. Clipping their nails on a regular basis is important especially if you are not walking them on a hard surface regularly. But only trim a little at a time. Treat your dog after this so they get to enjoy their regular manicure.

Okay so now your pooches are well and truly pampered and I am sure they will repay you tenfold with their love and loyalty.

JOJOs STYLELIST TIP: Never do anything that causes your pet distress, remember if you are enjoying all these new trends in doggycare its important your pet is too. Your best friends after all.

JOJO xxxxxxxx


Inspiration and lessons to ground you and remind you what really matters in life. For a happy healthy you .


Today I want you just to stop and take time out of your day . To gaze up at the sky. Even better if you can go and lie in a field and watch the sky for some time but even 5 minutes finding a quiet space will do . You can even do this in a busy city centre but a large crowd may gather and wonder what you are looking at. Wouldn’t it be great to involve everyone in your exercise.

Clouds can be mesmerising and fascinating to study. The different formations, shapes and familiar patterns. The movement of the clouds are they moving fast or slowly. The contrasting of white clouds on a blue background or the dramatic dark rain clouds approaching. Think of yourself on a small plant with the large expanse of the sky surrounding us.

Today take time out to just contemplate the sky let yourself get lost in it. This is a form of meditation.


JOJO xxxxxxxxx