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I have never believed that rubbing chemically laden product into toxic cells really worked. More toxins on toxins ? If anything, can further compound the issue and force the cells to have to work harder to expunge more chemical waste.

I am very careful about using chemical products on my body where I rarely see the benefits. I can recommend daily body brushing before your shower to boost the circulation and cold water on the area for the same reason. Any benefit from applying product is normally from the consistent massage but instead of splurging on expensive product selling you hopes and dreams the same benefit can be gained from organic ,virgin cold pressed sesame or coconut oil.

One of my rituals each morning is to massage organic sesame oil into my body paying particular attention to thighs, elbows and knees.Really squeezing the toxins out you can actually hear any fluid in the cells popping. On hair washing days I also massage into my hair. Leaving it to sink in as I do my morning meditation and gratitude prayer. After rinsing in the shower you are left with silky glowing skin . Not only does this aid smooth skin but also it is a beautiful ritual to thank your body for all it does for you. It is very easy to do for yourself. Although I use organic coconut oil for everything ( even cleaning my house!!) I prefer to use the sesame oil so I don’t smell like a coconut all day. Both are far cheaper than the chemically laden expensive cellulite creams that really don’t work and can actually exacerbate the condition. The power is in circulation and massage.

I am in my fifties and I really don’t have a problem with cellulite (although we all have a bit) after following this regular regime combined with daily yoga……oh and of course a good diet and cutting down on processed food. Back to those chemicals again that don’t belong in the body !

So Ladies I hope this helps build your army in the battle against cellulite.

Jojo xx

50+ Thighs !
Selling the Cellulite Program


Well girls and boys its time….. to let you into a little secret. Ditch those chemically laden expensive products coconut oil has so many uses and it works even better . One product multiple use.

Must be virgin and cold pressed. The oil has not been exposed to high temperatures therefore has a higher nutritional value and higher anti bacterial properties. Also chemical free . Now I could think of hundreds of uses but these are my top 10 !!

  • HAIR MASK. Massage into dry hair either just on the ends or into the scalp too. It is beneficial for dandruff or itchy scalp. the unique structure of the Lauric acid means it penetrates the hair shaft better than other oils. I tend not to leave it on overnight but just for 30 minutes. A good tip when rinsing – apply shampoo before you wet the hair and massage it in it seems to remove the oil quicker. Can be a good hair mask on the beach too as it blocks some of the uv rays.
  • BODY MASSAGE. Now I have stated before that I don’t massage any chemical products into my body as I do believe they put toxins through a large area of your biggest organ, your skin. Apart from creating health problems it can exasperate cellulite. Coconut oil is chemical free and really is great for massage. It is good to massage it into your scalp. and all over your body at the same time and just lie on your yoga mat and meditate before rinsing. Massage should be a daily ritual. Love your body.
  • NIGHT FACIAL OIL/EYELASH LENGHTHENER facial massage and destress each evening before bed. You will wake up with soft glowing skin. this works better than any expensive night cream I have tried ! Massage into lashes at night for longer silkier lashes in the morning. Try it ! Many of my friends think I have false eyelashes …just coconut oil.
  • TEETH WHITENER/BREATH FRESHENER known as “pulling” swirl the coconut oil around your mouth and pull through your teeth for 10-15 minutes. The anti bacterial properties kill germs and inflammation in the gums and combat bad breath. Also I swear it leaves my teeth whiter and glossier it appears to remove any staining.
  • HANDS AND NAILS. rejuvenates the skin on hands making them instantly appear younger. Great for cuticle damage and repair and leaves nails looking glossy and healthy.
  • FEET. I massage coconut oil into my feet once a month for an overnight treat. I pop on a pair of cotton socks to protect the bed linen. Your feet and heels are lovely and soft in the morning. Our feet deserve a treat.
  • SMOOTHIES.Pop a tablespoon into a smoothie to moisturise your insides too. From brain membrane health to oiling your ligaments these are good fats ! Also don’t forget the skin and hair benefits from the inside. We still need to consume fats, folks !
  • COOKING. A healthy cooking oil with a high smoke point makes it a great oil to cook with. It has a delicate coconut flavour so great in stir fries.
  • ECZEMA/DERMATITIS. Its anti microbial properties make it effective in killing bacteria. Highly moisturising it may reduce inflammation and discomfort.
  • CLEANING. I use it regularly to clean the stainless steel in my kitchen (and great for barbecues) just apply with some kitchen towel to make it gleam! Works great on granite work surfaces too and polished wood!! Time to throwout the cleaning box !

So , just a few uses for your coconut oil.

JOJOS STYLE LIST TIP : For £8 jar of cold pressed virgin coconut oil think of not only the money saving on expensive products that don’t work as well…… but what about the space saving !! Go buy a jar and judge for yourself !!

My Favourite Coconut Oil

JOJO xxxxxxxxx


We are all short of time and as we get older there seems to soon much more maintenance required to looking good. So I am going to show you how to maximise your beauty routine to look and feel your very best in the minimum time. As like you , I am extremely busy I feel I have perfected multitasking in many areas of my life it may feel difficult to start with but it will soon become habit. Remember girls and boys it takes 21 days of repetition to form a habit.

First of all invest in a Prana/ bed of nails mat. These can be expensive up to £200 but Base Yoga are currently selling them for £21.99 on

Base Yoga Amazon £21.99

These mats are acupressure mats it really is like an acupuncture session it is fantastic for blood flow,cellulite and energy. I lie on mine EVERY morning for 20 minutes . In that 20 minutes I manage to do the following.

  • Hair Mask(weekly) my personal favourite is the Reincarnation Mask, Bleach London £7.50. This works I promise you. Every other day before I wash my hair I massage organic sesame oil into my hair at this time.
Bleach London £7.50
  • LED Facial Mask Dr Dennis Gross £430 Cult Beauty. I put this on daily to boost the collagen and give my skin a radiant glow. This has made a big difference to my skin. I know this is expensive but you can use this time to put a layer of Vitamin C on your skin and allow to sink in slowly.Super Facialist Vit C and glow serum £17 is fab ! Once a week replace this with a sheet mask . Whatever mask you use ensure it is a no rinse mask just massage the goodness into your skin. To save time.
Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite £430
  • I oil my body with organic sesame oil massaging into knees and elbows ,fingers and toes to help the joints and ageing of these areas. Prior to showering. Rinse off your skin will be smooth and silky.
  • Rub whitening toothpaste/coconut oil onto your teeth for extra whitening and sparkle.
  • Skin softener on the feet every day. Once a week foot peel socks or mask for beautiful feet. If you pay attention to your feet daily it saves so much time and is nigh on impossible to remove hard skin once its built up.
Superdrug £10
  • Finally meditate while your laying there all relaxed for 20 minutes.
  • Jump in the shower and rinse it all off.

Once this becomes habit you will get faster at your preparation stage.

All this while my new RoboVAC (who has become my pet ) cleans the house!

My New Baby ! The Robovac !


Instead of spending time drying (or overdrying) your hair and styling it. Quick rough dry pop in some big velcro rollers for smooth and bouncy hair. Do your make up, get dressed take the rollers out and voila ! Good to go.

On the assumption no one does their own manicures and pedicures anymore. Next time you are in your nail bar have them both done at the same time whilst getting your eyebrows threaded, whilst the massage chair gives you a thorough pummelling.

Getting It All Done in One Appointment

Fast beauty fixes I love it.

Now I do realise we all have different routines and you may want to relax more and do this in the evening or on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis. The key here is routine. Organise yours …..then create the habit.







ITS CHRISTMAAAAAAS ! Parties are back on the menu. I am sure all my readers have a big night out planned so its time to shake your beauty routine up and indulge with a celebratory pamper evening. Yes girls and boys its all about you and shaking off the lockdown look.

ethnic smiling woman wiping face with cotton pad


So let us assume that you managed to get your nail bar appointments ( hey girlfriend where were you ?) at least Monday or Tuesday ! No one does their own nails anymore do they ?? Otherwise allow an extra hour. Also pre select your outfit and accessories and lay them all out on the bed beforehand. No last minute rummaging or repairs to stress you out.


Pour a glass of bubbles and get some party music on. Put on a fluffy terry robe. Pull hair back. Cleanse face, with a firm facial massage to get the blood pumping and bring a glow to your skin. Now is not the time for micro needling or glyco peeling or using new products.

Scrutinize the eyebrows plucking any stray hairs and tidy them up.


Now time to depilate any excess hair. I suggest a gentle method for your pre party pamper. Apply some cream such as Immac or Veet and while that is working for 10 minutes use that time to body brush the rest of your body .


Jump in the shower to rinse the cream. Gently exfoliate with a handful of sugar and olive oil especially on your depilated areas to avoid ingrown hairs. Wash hair. Finish with a freezing cold burst of water on hair to flatten the cuticles and all over your body to energise you.


Now you are all clean. Draw a warm luxurious bubble bath. HIGHLY RECOMMEND L’OCCITANE LEMON VERBENA FOAM BATH £22. Remember this is about a celebratory pamper not wallowing in your own filth (and depilitary cream!). So to your damp hair apply a rehydrating super glossy hair mask and wrap in a hot towel or turban. My fave is BLEACH LONDON REINCARNATION MASK £7.50.

Apply a no nonsense hydrating sheet mask. An inexpensive but highly effective one I have recently tried is GARNIER MOISTURE BOMB £2.99.

Wallow for a good 15 minutes. Rinse hair mask.

cold people woman relaxation


Wrap yourself in a huge warm terry towel. Pat yourself dry. Rub in residue of face mask into skin.

Spritz yourself in a dry body oil to lock in the moisture and make your skin look glistening and healthy. Two fabulous ones are BOOTS NO7 BEAUTIFUL SKIN PAMPERING DRY BODY OIL £12 AND A FIRM FAVOURITE, HUILE PRODIGIEUSE DRY OIL choose the one with the gold sparkle in it. A good tip here run some through dry hair for glistening shine.

Rough dry hair. Put in large velcro rollers for smooth hair if required. Just don’t apply too much heat to hair by overdrawing and over processing. Remember we are going for a glossy just got out of lockdown look !!


Giant rollers in. Time to do your make up. Skin should be looking plumped and glowing. Apply a moisturiser and a base such as MAC STROBE CREAM £25 that now comes in 4 shades. This can make any skin look dewy. Apply your foundation/bb cream over the top. Some over tips for a glossy look use cream products where possible. NARS ILLUMINATOR in COPACABANA dabbed onto your cheekbones. LAURA MERCIER SECRET UNDER EYE BRIGHTENING POWDER £22.50 to light up under eyes. As you get older the less eye make up the better it looks more youthful. KEVIN AUCOIN DIAMOND EYE GLOSS a beautiful transparent eye close that glistens. I discovered a fabulous new mascara in lockdown for long glossy smudge proof lashes MARC JACOBS AT LASH’D MASCARA £25. Finish with an extra glossy nude/beige lip gloss , much more flattering on older lips than bright colours.

Set your make up with my perennial favourite BARRY M DEWY FIXING SPRAY £4.99 I NEVER leave the house without a spritz of this on my face for an all day fresh dewy look.

woman applying mascara


Rollers out. Run fingers through hair with some iconic KERASTASE HAIR ELIXIR £39 for radiant hair and an extra spritz of shine mist. The best I have tried is BRITISH HAIR PERFECTLY BRILLIANT SHINE SPRAY £9.95 it smells good too.

portrait photo of woman wearing black top


Heading for the finish line. Just before getting dressed give your body a good shake. Each leg, each arm , your head and shoulders , hands, feet . You will be surprised at this instant energiser. Slip into your clothes. A quick spritz of your favourite perfume. One last look in the mirror to check yourself out . Blow yourself a kiss, tell yourself “I love you” and head out of that door to re establish your social life. HELLO WORLD !




woman in white shirt holding bottle pouring on glass cup


woman with orange lipstick

Firstly it was all about the brows now it is all about the lips ! So check out this guide for the perfect lips to insert into your regular beauty routine


Yes your lips need exfoliating as well as your skin. Lips can become dry with dead skin. Exfoliating can also make lips plumper. Dont forget your lip lines too. Use a toothbrush , even brush your lips when you brush your teeth ! You can make your own exfoliator by combining some sugar and coconut oil. Remember treat your lips gently don’t overdo it. Weekly is fine.


Moisterise for lovely soft lips. No need to buy expensive lip creams which seem to have flooded the market recently. Nothing beats vaseline especially the ‘rosy lips” small hanbag tins or even a slick of coconut oil. But for ease of application an inexpensive lip balm stick will suffice. Apply regularly throughout the day.


Important to apply sunscreen to lips when in the sunshine. I know this to my detriment as I now possess a lovely dark age spot on my lower lip. Most brans of reputable sunscreens now contain a lipscreen too. Additionally many lip balms include an SPF make sure yours does.


The current trend is for plump Kardashian like lips. There are some tricks to making lips plumper. Many products on the market now are geared to giving the illusion of plumper lips they work on stimulating the blood vessels enabling a rush of blood to the lips leaving your lips tingly. Try using some at home remedies combining peppermint oil or cayenne pepper with coconut oil and rubbing onto the lips. I have also used a slice of fresh ginger rubbed over the lips it seems to wok quite nicely but all these are temporary solutions.

Make up tricks to try is a sparkly lip gloss or shadow in your central bottom lip and a white pencil highlighter in the cupids bow area. But generally glossy lips tend to look plumper than matte lips . If you cannot find the perfect colour in a lip gloss start with a clear one over your favourite lipstick.

As a last resort lips can be plumped with hyaluronic acid like Juvederm. But do your homework and work on friends recommendations only. Start with 0.5ml until you get your desired look. For lip lines this is the most effective treatment . I have tried everything for those of you who are regular followers of my blog you will know my pet hate are my lip lines !!! I am now very tempted to try the juvederm filler in them. I have tried every solution on the beauty shelves for lip lines …. nothing works. Would love to hear from any of you that have any other solution for lip lines.


Always start with a lip liner the same colour as your lips or a neutral shade but feather it in toward your lips. No harsh lines. By feathering inwards it stops the lipstick bleeding. Glosses tend to work better on this front too as they have less propensity to bleed.

Remember to choose your colour to suit your own colouring. Refer back to previous blogs on discovering your colour to establish yours. If you have warm, golden tones you will tend to suit more coral and scarlett shades. Cooler colouring and pale skin will suit crimsons and pinky hues. Spend a day lipstick shopping as your true colour can really take years off your look. Even though matte lipsticks tend to be longer lasting they also can be very drying on a more mature lip so choose a moisterising glossy lipstick but just keep applying.

So there you have it your guide to beautiful lips, so get cracking to prevent cracking !

SHOP THE BEST OF THE LIPSMACKINGTHIRSTQUENCHING PRODUCTS BELOW. Just click on the product to purchase ! if you have received this by email just click on the URL at the base of the email to view the images.





man wearing black and blue mask costume

High tech face masks are huge right now in the beauty business. Very expensive and they come with huge promises of younger more rejuvenated skin. Beauty tech is one of the fastest growing trends in beauty today. This may have been contributed to the fact that we have all been locked in our homes over the last two years, but this trend shows no sign of slowing down. The “at home” salon is an idea we are all examining more closely. But do they actually work and do you need one in your beauty tool kit ? Let me spend my money so you don’t have to !

I own all 3 of these masks so I am not sponsored by any of these Companies this is an honest review and all opinions are my own.


LED (light emitting diodes) masks have become very popular with infra red beauty treatments being offered by all major beauty salons. These LED masks promise a little bit of that in clinic treatment in the comfort of your own home. However these masks are not cheap and having experienced both infra red treatments both in a salon and with this mask they do not deliver the same salon strength treatment.


Red light has been proven to improve skins elasticity and firmness by boosting collagen and stimulating new cell growth as the light waves penetrates the deeper layers of skin. While the blue light is good for acne by killing bacteria on the skin.


Must be used consistently. I have used mine more or less every day unless away on vacation. The timer is 3 minutes only but I cheekily press it twice to get a double session in which I hope I will achieve double results ! Use on cleansed skin. Can be used with a vitamin c cream but that could clog pores.


I have used this mask regularly for over one year and I personally have not seen any noticeable results ! Although I have read some reviews it seems that some people claim they have seen a clear difference in their skin which has become ‘smoother’. I do believe in the benefits of LED but this mask does not deliver the same results as when I visit the LIGHT SALON< HARVEY NICHOLS £45 for 25 mins when I leave looking 20years younger. I even booked my Mother in for a treatment who was shocked at the immediate tightening and rejuvenating of her skin.

Maybe the at home mask can be used as a supplement to a salon treatment. But I am sorry this mask does not deliver the same results.Certainly not the same professional results it claims. It does not have the same salon strength. A monthly treatment at the light salon though I CAN recommend .


This mask uses the ice tech of cryotherapy. A silicon mask with pads of liquid beads and acupressure points across the brow area. Only launched at the end of August ! Promises firmer lifted skin in10 minutes. Combining ice cold cryotherapy to reduce puffiness and firm the skin and acupressure to decongest and relieve tension.


The concept is simple. Exposure to ice cold temperatures increases the blood flow to the skin reducing inflammation and increasing radiance. Forcing your skin to create more collagen.


Just stick the mask in the freezer for 30 minutes before use. Then strap the mask to your face and under your chin and lie back and enjoy.


The coldness at first gives you brain freeze was quite painful but I have now got used to it. The results are excellent as a pre party pick you up. Or just to wake you up in the morning. As a fan of cryotherapy and its invigorating effects this does the same for your face. It certainly has toned my under chin up. The only thing is I think Charlotte has missed a trick here as the pads seem to be in the wrong place so my cheeks are nice and rosy and my forehead however I would like pads around my lip area for lip lines and also a blood rush to plump up my lips. Also the pads need to come up higher to cover my under eye area , an area that clearly can get results with coldness being applied, as any of you with a rose quartz roller will testify.

A few adjustments needed Charlotte or you can adjust the mask yourself maybe to sit higher on your face. But I would definitely recommend this mask which is of course reusable , so the price point is very good value with immediate results. I have only used this mask for one month consistently but the results are promising. Plump skin with a nice glow immediately post use but my jawline seems to be definitely more toned.


An anti ageing eye mask created by Dr Steve Harris Londons leading aesthetic Doctor. When I opened the box my first thoughts were this is a Joke as at first glance it looks just like an average silk eye mask…… for an astronomical cost . Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and promote emotional relaxation..


Carefully placed silicone dots to stimulate mechanoreceptors, the tiny little nerve endings in your face. Once this starts your automatic nervous system becomes involved which helps to relax the body.


Just pop it on press firmly on the central silicone dot for 5 seconds and relax for 15 minutes. Voila !


My initial scepticism was unfounded as I actually did feel my area was refreshed and less lined. I did feel deeply relaxed. I would definitely use this on a long haul flight, imagine I would wake up 21 again ! This does work Im not sure how, the only part I don’t like is the price it seems a bit steep for a very simple solution. Although out of all the masks I found the greatest improvement with this mask, so what price for beauty ???

Thank you for reading this today I really appreciate your time and comments.



JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: With any beauty treatments to see great results they must be carried out consistently and a holistic approach to skincare, nutrition and tech is the way forward.


Breathwork is the new buzzword in the world of beauty. Deep breathing can result in mental, emotional and physical benefits. 80% of us are breathing incorrectly so a Breathwork class can train you to intentionally change your breathing pattern. Consciously breathing with intent. Many of you , I know perform Yoga on a regular basis and will be familiar with Prana breathing deep breathing through the nose.

After attending guided breathwork classes in LA I can honestly say I am much more focussed on my breathing in my everyday schedule and am reaping some noticeable benefits (see below) and i would recommend you to take at least a one:one class with a specialist. With a plethora of new breathwork classes/apps there is no shortage of choice and certainly no excuse for not giving it a go. This could change your life.

Breathwork classes either as a group or one to one have recently seen a surge of popularity and participants are reporting significant benefits. lets face it once we have had one class it is , at least something we can practise at home 24 hours a day.

The correct way of breathing is deep in the diaphragm and not in the chest so your chest and shoulders should be relaxed and not move at all. Engage the abdomen and extend as you INHALE. Using the abs to then decompress to expel the air. This is called BELLY BREATH. You actually have to engage the mind too as this does not come naturally at first.

We all breathed correctly when we entered the world if you watch a baby you will see they automatically breath deep into the abdomen as we get older and life takes over we start to take shallower breaths as stresses and strain of everyday living takes its toll.


BODY……… Deep breathing can reverse the ‘flight or fight’ response that we are naturally conditioned to, where our breathing speeds up and releases a surge of stress hormones eg cortisol and adrenaline. By controlling this stress reaction blood pressure can be lowered, more oxygen is delivered into your body which in turn removes carbon. The immune system is boosted. Energy levels are raised and the mind is calmed.85% of our energy amazingly comes from the breath. Even pain can be relieved.

SKIN………Clearly oxygenating our cells is a key factor in beautiful skin. That is why we spend billions each year on creams, serums and facials. But the best way of oxygenating our cells 24/7 is ….yes you guessed it…….by breathing correctly. The lymphatic system is boosted leading to a disposal of toxins. This slows down the ageing of the skin and has skin healing benefits. There are also claims that it improves Eczema.

WEIGHT…… Correct breathing aids weight loss. Well these reports maybe slightly exaggerated. However if you have an overeating problem caused by stress or emotional trauma or past baggage and breathwork calms you down then I can see there maybe a correlation. Breathing correctly can balance things out.

INSOMNIA…I use my new developed breathing skills to aid my sleep at night. You will be astonished at how rhythmic deep breathing and consciously slowing the breathing right down can rapidly send you into a deep sleep with no other aids.


The breath and more importantly the concentration of the breath is instrumental for the fusion of the mind and body. Your contact increases to the subconscious mind and allows the mind to find stillness and serenity. Concentrated breath of course is fundamental to meditation and cannot be achieved without mastering this at the outset. Harmony can be restored.


Breathpod – Group workshops or 90 min personal sessions. Shoreditch E2

The Shala- a whole range of classes and workshops . West Norwoood South London offer on line courses as well as 121 sessions and workshops across London.


MWAH MWAH xxxxxxxx



Are you off on holiday this August ? ready to shed those lockdown track bottoms (that you never worked out in !), more importantly ready to shed those pounds of lockdown lard…… on………

Start Here….Today

The truth is diets DO NOT WORK. Of course we all know by now that it is all about what you put in minus what you expend so we can all do the arithmetic. But you will only lose weight if you adapt your lifestyle permanently. I am not a Doctor although I have studied nutrition extensively, but what I can tell you is that in my fifties I am two stone lighter than in my forties and I maintain a healthy size 8-10 clothing size. So I am proof of the method. The PC brigade will say that your size doesn’t matter and as long as you are happy and I do agree with this, if you are in your twenties. In your fifties and beyond it is important to be an appropriate weight for your build for health reasons and mobility reasons. Also we need less calories as our metabolism gets slower. So let me share with you some of my secrets that work for me that can be inserted very neatly into your everyday life painlessly and watch the pounds drop off !!

Not Bad For An Old Girl
  • BLACK COFFEE. Not only does this boost your metabolism it is also an amazing appetite surpressant. Obviously I don’t want your anxiety levels soaring so limit your intake. I only have decaffeinated after midday and when I feel hungry I just have a tiny espresso cup size. ZERO CALORIES. Ditch the milk (oh, and the caramel syrups )
Black Coffee
  • EATING WINDOW. I only eat between the hours of 12-5pm. This gives your internal organs a chance to rest and reduces any inflammation. Don’t break(the)fast until midday to give your body a chance to burn stored fat. The other end of the day don’t eat food just before sleep not only will it keep you awake as your body is still working hard but you won’t burn the calories. you pretty much can eat normally between these hours as the hours are limited you will eat FAR FEWER calories ! Common sense.
  • MORNING JUICE not before midday. I use my green juice to pack nutrients in. NOT fruit as too calorific. but you choose what works for you but TWO ingredients you must have for fat burning CHIA SEEDS and ASHWAGANDA POWDER. CHIA SEEDS are not only full of protein and Omegas for brain and bone health but they plump up in your body and make you feel full when taken in liquid. ASHWAGANDA ROOT is an ancient medicinal herb and brilliant if you are menopausal . It boosts physical and mental health boosts energy levels and reduces anxiety. It is proven to increase testosterone levels in men but women have testosterone too and can be the difference in weight loss in older women as our testosterone rapidly depletes with age. I personally believe that ASHWAGANDA has made a powerful difference to me.
Green Juice but leave the Apples Out
  • LOVE HUNGER. Learn to love being hungry . When I get that hunger feeling thats when I know the calorie reserve starts being burned. Allow yourself to feel hungry it is a natural state rather than feeling satiated all the time. I have learned to love being hungry.
  • EXCISE THE EXERCISE MYTH. Losing weight is about what you eat not about exercise. if you don’t alter your eating plan you WILL NOT lose weight . To burn off one Mars Bar an 11 stone women would have to walk on a treadmill for nearly two hours JUST DONT EAT THE MARS BAR !! Before you eat anything check out the calorie content then equate it to how much more exercise you have to do to burn it off. I swear the gym made me put on weight as every time I went I would reward myself. I don’t care how hard you work in the gym a cake and a latte afterwards will put you into surplus poundage. Of course I would advocate an active daily lifestyle, but certainly not the punish and reward system of the gym. You will find you bur more calories just adapting your lifestyle to make it active.
  • DRINK LOADS OF WATER. Okay this is old advice but it works. Often when you feel hungry it is pure thirst. drink a glass and see you won’t feel hungry or indeed will eat less. Secondly a hydrated body metabolises food far more effectively.
  • WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY DAY. Now this goes against the expert advice but I honestly would say if you do nothing else on the list do this one. THIS WORKS. It allows you to adjust your eating on a daily basis. If I have eaten out or over indulged and put on pounds it is far easier to adjust your eating plan the following day and lose a few pounds then to be faced with losing a stone or two if you don’t weigh yourself often. This method has genuinely keep my weight stable for 10 years !!!!!!! MONITOR and ACTION CONSISTENTLY KEEPS YOU IN CONTROL.
Step On ! Minimise The Shock
  • GO TO’ LOW CALORIE DISHES . When you need to balance out your week. Have a calorie light but filling day. Soups are a very good example. My fave but simple recipe is Broad Bean soup with shredded chicken. Frozen broad beans, onion, chicken/veg stock boiled and blended. A small packet of roast chicken shredded and stirred through. OMG the best and so satisfying. Or the ayurvedic dish Kitchari with yellow mung beans, brown basmati rice boiled with ground cumin,fennel seeds and coriander seeds. Add your favourite root vegetables parsnip, carrot,celeriac add fresh coriander and toasted whole seeds in ghee for serving. so filling one bowl will keep you full all day.
  • BULK OUT MEALS WITH VEG. Fill half your plate with veg. Occasionally to lose weight quickly I buy M&S Count on us BRAISED BEEF with Swede or any meal UNDER 250 calories but add so much Kale/chard/spinach to it thats all I have for the day !
When You Are Short of Time……it Works !!

Okay now for some surprising secrets………………..

  • DRINK TEQUILA! When I lived in LA Tequila is the drink of choice all the big Hollywood stars drink tequila. Not only is it considered a clean drink but it is known in LA as the metaboliser it burns more calories than the drink actually contains . Taken before a meal can make you feel fuller and thus eat less. High quality 100% agave tequila. But don’t overdo it ! I never knew this before I lived in LA but over there it is common knowledge.
  • USE GHEE TO COOK WITH. Research shows that ghee helps in mobilising fat cells to increase energy burning therefore reducing fat mass and increasing lean body mass. Ghee also contains essential amino acids that can shrink fat cells. This clarified fat tends to be overlooked in Western Culture but the Indian population use it on a daily basis. Tastes good too !!!
  • CBD OIL I know from talking to many of you that many are now taking CBD oil on a regular basis. Its good for many things such as inflammation in the joints, anxiety,insomnia. But many say it burns fat by turning it into brown fat which is easily burned and expelled by the body and reduces appetite. I do use this intermittently and it gives a great nights sleep which I personally think a lot of fat is burned in the sleep mores when we are in a deep sleep that CBD oil results in. But I would recommend this is used sparingly as CBD oil use is still in its early stages and I would advise not to solely depend on this for weight loss but in conjunction with other method outlined above.

I think you will agree none of these are hard to implement into your daily schedule it just is about incorporating modern methods and knowledge. These points are what personally works for me. See what works for you and you could be pounds lighter and looking good for Valentines day !!





In my advancing years I have used and experimented with many products, have been lucky to work in the beauty business and offered many to try.

Do not always believe what you read in magazines as many beauty editors are forced to gush over beauty products in return for paid advertising space in the magazine. So I am going to espouse my favourite beauty products that I would like to share with you so you don’t have to waste tons of money (which we ALL do) every year on products that just do not work. These products have stood the test of time and in my mind are the best of the best. Try for yourself.


Nothing beats CLARINS SELF TANNING MILK . Always gives great coverage with no streaking or patches. which is down to the creamy moisturising formula. Beautiful colour unlike many of these modern ‘muddy’ tanning products. A beautiful natural golden glow. Equally good on the face too. No bad give away odour. I have tried many self tan products around the globe but nothing comes close. £21


L’OCCITANE LEMON VERBENA FOAMING BATH. The suds last forever and are super moisterising. The scent stay throughout the bath time, and I spend a LONG time in the tub, beautiful grassy, citrus scents of lemon trees in Provence. I decant this into smaller bottles for when i am travelling and use it in the shower aswell as the bath. £26


I am a massive fan of ANTONIA BURRELL products . All completely plant based and paraben and preservative free , hence all packaged in black opaque bottles to keep the light out. The NATURAL GLOW CLEANSING OIL is the worlds first 100% pure plant 100% natural water soluble cleansing oil. The botanical oils makes it a truly holistic experience as you massage it into your face and rinse off with water. leaving you feeling radiant on the outside and radiant within. I must confess I sometimes just massage the oil in at night and leave it on for an overnight treatment. A little secret…..massage into the lashes it makes them grow more than any lash grow product i have ever used. £46 (for 100ml)


I discovered TEOXANE after receiving some products in a goodie bag 2 years ago . A swiss pharmaceutical brand that was developed in 2003 but not widely known as yet in the UK. Don’t miss out ladies of a certain age ADVANCED FILLER Moisturizer makes a real difference to your skin in an amazingly short time. £66


MEDIK 8 RETINOL 6TR INTENSE use this before bed 3 or 4 times a week to win the battle over fine lines. I personally love this Company. they have a full list of different strengths so if you have not used retinol before start with a lower strength and slowly work up to a stronger solution to suit your skin. If you are reading this I assume you are one of my over fifties followers so you should all be using a retinol !!! Except of course if you are exposing yourself to a lot of sunshine – so not on holiday. from£29


BLEACH LONDON RESTORATION MASK has had many mentions on this blog. It is by far and the best hair product that genuinely does what it says on the box. My hair looks like it has been freshly coloured whenever I use it. So has been a Godsend in lockdown. Truly a miracle product. Usually it is hair products that I am most disappointed in for failing to live up to the hype but this one delivers every time. £7.50


In my lifetime I have tried literally 100s of mascaras but I defy anyone to find a better mascara than ESTEE LAUDERS SUMPTUOUS EXTREME MASCARA it is both volumising and lengthening and judging by girlfriends asking if I have false eyelashes on, this works ! £26


For me personally TOM FORD WHITE SUEDE suits my body chemistry perfectly. But what I love about this perfume is how long it lasts and in such a subtle way. People actually stop me in the streets to enquire what I am wearing and writing it down……so it MUST be good. Also I love the minimalist classic packaging looks great in the bathroom. £126


Well these two are definitely my heros they really work and are each under £5 !!!!!!!! But no beauty editor will tell you about these and EVERY girl needs them both in her make up bag and hey get a couple and keep them in your car and handbag too !!! Are you ready ??? Big build up>>>>> BARRY M DEWY SETTING SPRAY £4.99 spray over make up to set and to add a beautiful dewy healthy sheen to skin. There are more expensive pretenders to the throne as the dewy look is big business but dont go there this is the cheapest AND the best. Makes perfect sense ladies. My second hero beauty product is VASELINE ROSY LIPS and perfect for cheek gleam too. Pop in your pocket to moisterize and glamourise lips and cheeks with just a dab of the finger. Your look is instantly refreshed and can take 10 years off your age.

Boots £5.99 £1.95





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In your fifties your body starts to deteriorate more rapidly. We all know what we are supposed to be doing to stay healthy and there are anti ageing articles and products all around us. Regular readers of this blog will be armed with many facts on how to slow the process down. But let me make it clear you cannot anti age and you cannot reverse the process. Those that try hard to look younger end up looking older. HOWEVER you CAN slow the process. I know you are intelligent lot and these days women are armed with great knowledge but are you actually putting that knowledge into practise ?? So let me put it into one age defying capsule for you today and look at the three areas where you can make changes TODAY. Food , exercise and mental activity………..


Eat well but limit the portion size. Portion sizes have increased over the years eat on smaller plates at home or share a main if eating out with friends or even order a starter portion. As you get older you need less food and your metabolism slows down. I personally eat one meal a day between 2-4 pm and at 56 i am still a healthy size 10. I have a green smoothie at midday loaded with goodness (find the recipe under the ‘Food’ section.

Green Juice Recipe Find It On This Site Under ‘Food”

There is a growing consensus now that breakfast is a meal to be skipped to enable you to consume less calories, But also the longer you can wait to break your fast from the day before the better it is for your body and your joints to rest and rejuvenate them. Time restricted eating is the best thing you can do for your body as you get older even if you follow this pattern Monday to Friday then let loose on the weekends. Try to give your bodys’ digestive system a complete break when you can from 6PM to maybe midday the following day. This has been shown to bring inflammation down within the internal organs and the joints. Eating often throughout the day to stoke the metabolism has now been disproven as a method to lose weight and the must eat a big breakfast mantra began in the 1920s by breakfast food manufacturers.

Do not deny yourself foods that you love but in moderation. In your fifties healthy eating must become a way of life give up on the ‘diets’ and learn to make great meals containing fresh unprocessed ingredients. Simple uncomplicated meals can bring great pleasure to the senses. I particularly love the Hemsley sisters recipes. ITS ALL EASY by Gwyneth Paltrow and EAT, NOURISH,GLOW by Amelia Freer. Most of these meals can be put together in the time it takes to have a takeaway delivered. Once you start to eat clean you wont want to pollute your body with dirty food again. Excess SUGAR in your diet is one of the fastest ways to age your skin and your body try to avoid it where possible. But of course allow yourself a red wine or even a clean spirit like agave tequila !!! Drink more water as you get older your body needs to be constantly hydrated to work correctly and also skin looks more plumped at least 2 litres a day.

Have fun discovering wonderful food and clean up your diet in small steps to give your skin a healthy glow and fill your body with energy and reducing inflammation start today to slow the ageing process and prevent you from dealing with early on set illnesses due to proper nutrition.

Look out for more clean eating recipes on this site as it has been my obsession for many years. I hope it becomes yours.


I am a big fan of Yoga and pilates more gentle yet strengthening exercise regime that also provides mental clarity and anti stress benefits. While weight control is 80% of what we eat and less about exercise, but exercise certainly slows the ageing process down. I personally am not a fan of high octane exercise like running and aerobics as they can be impactive on older joints and the Japanese believe that you only have so many breaths in your body so to continually be overworking the heart cause a shorter life. But I AM an advocate of you doing what YOU love as long as you are moving. A beautiful walk every day can be wonderful for destressing , getting fit and slowing the ageing process. Or a competitive sport such as tennis, badminton, volleyball etc where you have to keep score and form strategy can be great for mental health as well as not feeling like exercise if you are enjoying the activity and the company.

A quick word about weight training . Buy yourself some hand weights and use them a few times a day, whilst your waiting for the kettle to boil it is important to strengthen your bones and muscles with weight bearing exercises to prevent /delay oesteoporosis .

The message here is just keep moving , every day to delay ageing but enjoy whatever it is you are doing. Lets keep that body oiled rather than rusty.

Remember…….Have Fun !


Also important to keep the mind oiled too. Regular followers can follow the Midweek Mantras on this site posted every Wednesday for tasks and inspirations to restore mental wellbeing or binge the blog history if in need of lots of Mentaal inspiration to kick start you out of a rut. Keep a Gratitude Journal to keep you positive. Three things every morning that you are grateful for , it is a way of training the neuron pathways in your brain. Buy a lovely notebook and a pen in a beautiful coloured ink. This works try it. Also it is important as we get older to continue learning, no guys this does not have to be a major programme you are undertaking like a Masters degree or a new language. How about Renaissance Art or French Wines ? Combine books with heading to Art Galleries or Wine Tastings. Make new friends with these common interests providing stimulating conversations. Sudoku, crosswords to exercise the mental agility side of your mind as well as the creative. Learning a musical instrument via the many apps available has been proven to keep a mind young , you are never to old to start learning.

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Expand Your Knowledge Not Your Waistline

Stress is the biggest ager both on the outside and the inside. So try to combat stress wherever necessary. But this is one thing that DOES improve with age the ability to cope with stress and view life differently , in a more relaxed manner. Yoga and Pilates as mentioned before really does help with this it is a workout for the mind as well as the body and also regulates deep breathing. Combatting stress is a lengthy subject and deserves an article all on its own and I am sure that by now you have this covered.



Don’t Forget To Enjoy Life.