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The truth is diets DO NOT WORK. Of course we all know by now that it is all about what you put in minus what you expend so we can all do the arithmetic. But you will only lose weight if you adapt your lifestyle permanently. I am not a Doctor although I have studied nutrition extensively, but what I can tell you is that in my fifties I am two stone lighter than in my forties and I maintain a healthy size 8-10 clothing size. So I am proof of the method. The PC brigade will say that your size doesn’t matter and as long as you are happy and I do agree with this, if you are in your twenties. In your fifties and beyond it is important to be an appropriate weight for your build for health reasons and mobility reasons. Also we need less calories as our metabolism gets slower. So let me share with you some of my secrets that work for me that can be inserted very neatly into your everyday life painlessly and watch the pounds drop off !!

Not Bad For An Old Girl
  • BLACK COFFEE. Not only does this boost your metabolism it is also an amazing appetite surpressant. Obviously I don’t want your anxiety levels soaring so limit your intake. I only have decaffeinated after midday and when I feel hungry I just have a tiny espresso cup size. ZERO CALORIES. Ditch the milk (oh, and the caramel syrups )
Black Coffee
  • EATING WINDOW. I only eat between the hours of 12-5pm. This gives your internal organs a chance to rest and reduces any inflammation. Don’t break(the)fast until midday to give your body a chance to burn stored fat. The other end of the day don’t eat food just before sleep not only will it keep you awake as your body is still working hard but you won’t burn the calories. you pretty much can eat normally between these hours as the hours are limited you will eat FAR FEWER calories ! Common sense.
  • MORNING JUICE not before midday. I use my green juice to pack nutrients in. NOT fruit as too calorific. but you choose what works for you but TWO ingredients you must have for fat burning CHIA SEEDS and ASHWAGANDA POWDER. CHIA SEEDS are not only full of protein and Omegas for brain and bone health but they plump up in your body and make you feel full when taken in liquid. ASHWAGANDA ROOT is an ancient medicinal herb and brilliant if you are menopausal . It boosts physical and mental health boosts energy levels and reduces anxiety. It is proven to increase testosterone levels in men but women have testosterone too and can be the difference in weight loss in older women as our testosterone rapidly depletes with age. I personally believe that ASHWAGANDA has made a powerful difference to me.
Green Juice but leave the Apples Out
  • LOVE HUNGER. Learn to love being hungry . When I get that hunger feeling thats when I know the calorie reserve starts being burned. Allow yourself to feel hungry it is a natural state rather than feeling satiated all the time. I have learned to love being hungry.
  • EXCISE THE EXERCISE MYTH. Losing weight is about what you eat not about exercise. if you don’t alter your eating plan you WILL NOT lose weight . To burn off one Mars Bar an 11 stone women would have to walk on a treadmill for nearly two hours JUST DONT EAT THE MARS BAR !! Before you eat anything check out the calorie content then equate it to how much more exercise you have to do to burn it off. I swear the gym made me put on weight as every time I went I would reward myself. I don’t care how hard you work in the gym a cake and a latte afterwards will put you into surplus poundage. Of course I would advocate an active daily lifestyle, but certainly not the punish and reward system of the gym. You will find you bur more calories just adapting your lifestyle to make it active.
  • DRINK LOADS OF WATER. Okay this is old advice but it works. Often when you feel hungry it is pure thirst. drink a glass and see you won’t feel hungry or indeed will eat less. Secondly a hydrated body metabolises food far more effectively.
  • WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY DAY. Now this goes against the expert advice but I honestly would say if you do nothing else on the list do this one. THIS WORKS. It allows you to adjust your eating on a daily basis. If I have eaten out or over indulged and put on pounds it is far easier to adjust your eating plan the following day and lose a few pounds then to be faced with losing a stone or two if you don’t weigh yourself often. This method has genuinely keep my weight stable for 10 years !!!!!!! MONITOR and ACTION CONSISTENTLY KEEPS YOU IN CONTROL.
Step On ! Minimise The Shock
  • GO TO’ LOW CALORIE DISHES . When you need to balance out your week. Have a calorie light but filling day. Soups are a very good example. My fave but simple recipe is Broad Bean soup with shredded chicken. Frozen broad beans, onion, chicken/veg stock boiled and blended. A small packet of roast chicken shredded and stirred through. OMG the best and so satisfying. Or the ayurvedic dish Kitchari with yellow mung beans, brown basmati rice boiled with ground cumin,fennel seeds and coriander seeds. Add your favourite root vegetables parsnip, carrot,celeriac add fresh coriander and toasted whole seeds in ghee for serving. so filling one bowl will keep you full all day.
  • BULK OUT MEALS WITH VEG. Fill half your plate with veg. Occasionally to lose weight quickly I buy M&S Count on us BRAISED BEEF with Swede or any meal UNDER 250 calories but add so much Kale/chard/spinach to it thats all I have for the day !
When You Are Short of Time……it Works !!

Okay now for some surprising secrets………………..

  • DRINK TEQUILA! When I lived in LA Tequila is the drink of choice all the big Hollywood stars drink tequila. Not only is it considered a clean drink but it is known in LA as the metaboliser it burns more calories than the drink actually contains . Taken before a meal can make you feel fuller and thus eat less. High quality 100% agave tequila. But don’t overdo it ! I never knew this before I lived in LA but over there it is common knowledge.
  • USE GHEE TO COOK WITH. Research shows that ghee helps in mobilising fat cells to increase energy burning therefore reducing fat mass and increasing lean body mass. Ghee also contains essential amino acids that can shrink fat cells. This clarified fat tends to be overlooked in Western Culture but the Indian population use it on a daily basis. Tastes good too !!!
  • CBD OIL I know from talking to many of you that many are now taking CBD oil on a regular basis. Its good for many things such as inflammation in the joints, anxiety,insomnia. But many say it burns fat by turning it into brown fat which is easily burned and expelled by the body and reduces appetite. I do use this intermittently and it gives a great nights sleep which I personally think a lot of fat is burned in the sleep mores when we are in a deep sleep that CBD oil results in. But I would recommend this is used sparingly as CBD oil use is still in its early stages and I would advise not to solely depend on this for weight loss but in conjunction with other method outlined above.

I think you will agree none of these are hard to implement into your daily schedule it just is about incorporating modern methods and knowledge. These points are what personally works for me. See what works for you and you could be pounds lighter and looking good for Valentines day !!





Christmas is a time when we go into overdrive on our alcohol consumption. The run up to Christmas with an incredibly busy social scene right up until the day when we start on the Bucks Fizz at breakfast time …….then just continue.

If you are cutting out alcohol for any reason or if you just want to cut down do not let it spoil your Christmas. Especially if you are cooking the lunch !!! You can still join in and feel very naughty with three of my favourite non alcoholic Christmas cocktails. I don’t think anyone of us wants to feel inebriated on Christmas day ( well maybe there is a few of you !!) but even if you are having the mulled wine, the egg nog, the champagne and the wine it maybe a good idea to intersperse the alcohol for you and your guests with one of these. Also good for the children (well, it IS christmas )

Mulled ‘Cider’

  • 1 glass of apple juice
  • 4 cloves
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • star anise
  • orange zest
  • teaspoon of agave syrup


Simmer gently all ingredients. Strain. Serve with a cinnamon stick.

Mulled ‘Cider’


  • 1 glass of cloudy apple juice
  • A tot of elderflower cordial
  • Mint
  • Sparkling water
  • Gold leaf for sprinkle and sparkle


Half fill a glass with cloudy apple juice . Add a tot of elderflower cordial. Top up with sparkling water. Lots of crushed ice. Mix well with a mixing spoon. garnish with a sprig of mint and sprinkle with gold leaf.

Apple Sparkle


  • Raspberries fresh or frozen
  • mint
  • coconut sugar
  • lime juice
  • sparkling water


Muddle the raspberries, mint and sugar and lime juice. Top up with sparkling water.

Raspberry Nohito

As you can see all very simple and quicker to make then normal cocktails so time saving too. The raspberry mojito can be whizzed up and pureed in a blender and served in a martini glass as a fake cosmopolitan. It all depends what you normally drink so change the glass to suit your mood.





Gut health is now at the forefront of medical science and the evidence is fully substantiated. Many things in modern life can disturb your gut microbiome. High stress levels, too much sugar and over processed foods, antibiotics and not enough sleep to name but a few. Your Microbiome consists of trillions of bacteria living within your colon when these become imbalanced and there are not enough good bacteria it can affect you in so many ways.

The Immune system is compromised, more prone to colds and flu. Skin can develop eczema and breakouts. Good bacteria can help you lose weight and help the metabolism function more adequately. Hormones can be affected as they are made in the gut, every hormone in the body can be affected by an unhealthy gut. IBS as the microbes produce a lot of gas and bloating. Good gut microbiome can even benefit brain health, serotonin is an anti depressant chemical thats mostly made in the gut and requires a good balance of healthy bacteria. The gut is also physically connected to the brain through millions of nerves so it is vital that the best physical environment exists in order for this to thrive.

The huge benefits from having a healthy gut so it is vital we are proactive in probiotics. The best way to do this is to incorporate some healthy gut foods into your diet so lets start now so we are well protected before the onslaught of the festive period.

I have studied gut health for as long as I remember as a past sufferer of IBS and follow a largely probiotic diet for the past 7 years.. I do not suffer from ANY of the aforementioned issues now, today . I have not had a cold or flu for 7 years and my hormones have just been measured and are all at optimum levels. So I am going to share with you 7 foods that you can incorporate easily into your diet on a daily basis at this time of year to give you perfect gut health and fill you with energy.

  • KEFIR – every day! My body really notices when I don,t have it. My personal favourite is Nourish. You only need half a small bottle daily. Must be unflavoured, flavouring is full of sugar which defeats the object.
  • SAUERKRAUT/KIMCHI fermented vegetables full of fibre. Can be enjoyed with any meal on the side. I love the Biona brand. Daily.
  • MISO fermented paste made from soya beans packed with beneficial bacteria and makes a wonderful warming soup easy to fit this in at this time of year. Make it in a mug and substitute your afternoon coffee. Once a day.
  • JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES a cross between parsnip/turnip/potato. Very rich in iron but also a probiotic, full of fibre known as inulin that stimulates the growth of friendly gut bacteria and fends off any bad bacteria. Makes a great soup or risotto.
  • GARLIC great roasted with JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES ! Easy to add to most dishes. Garlic is so potent in gut health especially if you have had antibiotics recently. It can kill off overgrowth of a fungus in the gut called Candida Albicans. It is full of a natural chemical called allicin that can kill harmful bacteria and infections in the blood.
  • RED CABBAGE in abundance during the festive season twice the amount of Vitamin C as green cabbage and far more tasty. Brilliant for inflammation in the gut making it excellent for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS also a festive season food but don’t just save these highly nutritious vegetable for the Christmas table. Full of probiotics, provides crucial ingredient for a chemical to protect the intestine from inflammation which can lead to other conditions , like arthiritis and heart disease. All cruciferous vegetables as they are full of fibre help the microbiome ecology to a great extent.

A healthy gut not only promotes good mental and physical health but also can promote a more positive mood. All this just making a few additions to your diet. Remember though to cut down on the sugar and artificial sweeteners.


JOJO xxxxxx


Well girls and boys its time….. to let you into a little secret. Ditch those chemically laden expensive products coconut oil has so many uses and it works even better . One product multiple use.

Must be virgin and cold pressed. The oil has not been exposed to high temperatures therefore has a higher nutritional value and higher anti bacterial properties. Also chemical free . Now I could think of hundreds of uses but these are my top 10 !!

  • HAIR MASK. Massage into dry hair either just on the ends or into the scalp too. It is beneficial for dandruff or itchy scalp. the unique structure of the Lauric acid means it penetrates the hair shaft better than other oils. I tend not to leave it on overnight but just for 30 minutes. A good tip when rinsing – apply shampoo before you wet the hair and massage it in it seems to remove the oil quicker. Can be a good hair mask on the beach too as it blocks some of the uv rays.
  • BODY MASSAGE. Now I have stated before that I don’t massage any chemical products into my body as I do believe they put toxins through a large area of your biggest organ, your skin. Apart from creating health problems it can exasperate cellulite. Coconut oil is chemical free and really is great for massage. It is good to massage it into your scalp. and all over your body at the same time and just lie on your yoga mat and meditate before rinsing. Massage should be a daily ritual. Love your body.
  • NIGHT FACIAL OIL/EYELASH LENGHTHENER facial massage and destress each evening before bed. You will wake up with soft glowing skin. this works better than any expensive night cream I have tried ! Massage into lashes at night for longer silkier lashes in the morning. Try it ! Many of my friends think I have false eyelashes …just coconut oil.
  • TEETH WHITENER/BREATH FRESHENER known as “pulling” swirl the coconut oil around your mouth and pull through your teeth for 10-15 minutes. The anti bacterial properties kill germs and inflammation in the gums and combat bad breath. Also I swear it leaves my teeth whiter and glossier it appears to remove any staining.
  • HANDS AND NAILS. rejuvenates the skin on hands making them instantly appear younger. Great for cuticle damage and repair and leaves nails looking glossy and healthy.
  • FEET. I massage coconut oil into my feet once a month for an overnight treat. I pop on a pair of cotton socks to protect the bed linen. Your feet and heels are lovely and soft in the morning. Our feet deserve a treat.
  • SMOOTHIES.Pop a tablespoon into a smoothie to moisturise your insides too. From brain membrane health to oiling your ligaments these are good fats ! Also don’t forget the skin and hair benefits from the inside. We still need to consume fats, folks !
  • COOKING. A healthy cooking oil with a high smoke point makes it a great oil to cook with. It has a delicate coconut flavour so great in stir fries.
  • ECZEMA/DERMATITIS. Its anti microbial properties make it effective in killing bacteria. Highly moisturising it may reduce inflammation and discomfort.
  • CLEANING. I use it regularly to clean the stainless steel in my kitchen (and great for barbecues) just apply with some kitchen towel to make it gleam! Works great on granite work surfaces too and polished wood!! Time to throwout the cleaning box !

So , just a few uses for your coconut oil.

JOJOS STYLE LIST TIP : For £8 jar of cold pressed virgin coconut oil think of not only the money saving on expensive products that don’t work as well…… but what about the space saving !! Go buy a jar and judge for yourself !!

My Favourite Coconut Oil

JOJO xxxxxxxxx

SPINACH healthy or not ?

I recently attended a Theta Brain Workshop as part of my on going development of my Sound Healing Therapist qualifications. I was astounded to discover that they advocated Spinach as a bad food. Now, as a spinach addict, I eat in EVERY day and in addition I make a green juice with it in the mornings to start the day with a pop of goodness.

If like me , you had spinach on the ‘superfood’ list read on. Still disbelieving I went home to research the subject for myself and could not believe that there has been so much written about the toxicity of cadmium in Spinach and that this just has not been communicated.

Health professionals are still telling us to consume large portions of spinach in our diets and the benefits of iron. But in fact no one has ever told me the dangers of high levels of cadmium that are found particularly in Spinach. Actually I had never even heard of cadmium !!

CADMIUM is the most dangerous among heavy metals as it is carcinogenic similar to that found in cigarette smoke . Tests proved that through passive smoking high levels were ingested which led to a ban in public places. But these heavy metals exist in many foods at acceptable levels but spinach exceeds these safe limits. It appear to accumulate in high levels in Spinach but not in other leafy vegetables e.g. Kale or cabbage. Heavy metals that are found in food represent one of the most important food risks for consumers.

CADMIUM is all around us in air, water, soil all around us but for some reason Spinach absorbs the most cadmium and boiling spinach does not show any reduction in the levels.

Exposure of such high levels over a long period of time can be toxic to kidney function this has been widely accepted but newer data shows an increased risk of some cancers e.g. lung, bladder and breast cancer.

Perhaps if there are any Nutritional/Medical experts reading this article I would love any further information you may like to add.

I am not a medical Doctor and this information and the data that exists shocked me that I thought I would like to share it with my readers as it has been kept well hidden from the general public. Many of us would have no reason to search this data . Of course it is your freedom of choice.




Those of you that follow me on my channel will know I only eat one meal a day between 1pm and 5pm. But I like to start my day with a green juice to ensure I get plenty of vitamins and the bulk of my 5 a day out of the way. Even though I sometimes make a berry smoothie generally it is healthier to stick to veggies as they produce less sugar on juicing. Happy juicing guys !

My Green Juice


The benefits are huge and I could go on for ever but I am sure you have other things to get on with !!! Let me summarise in simple bullet points:

  • Bathes body in rich plant nutrients
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases Energy
  • Chlorophyll detoxes the liver
  • Antioxidants to promote healthy skin.
  • Hydration
  • Medicinal adding healing foods to counteract specific ailments (more on this later)


I used to use spinach but there have been some warnings about unhealthy amounts of cadmium levels but I am investigating this and will get back to you with more informed advice.

  • Kale (one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet)
  • Cucumber (95% water great for hydration)
  • Chia seeds (omega 3,fibre and quality protein)
  • Ginger (anti inflammatory, energy boost)
  • Pineapple (for sweetness, boosts immunity,high anti oxidants)
  • Flaxseed oil (skin health, also a good internal cleanser, healthy hair, fats)
  • Alkalising super green powder ( to reduce acid in the body important to maintain a good ph in the body)
  • Plenty of ice ! ( just tastes better chilled )

Now you can add medicinal properties to your basic recipe e.g. turmeric for arthritis or any sort of inflammation, parsley for water retention, mint for bloating or headaches,cayenne to boost metabolism. Cinnamon for cholesterol. Fennel ( I use as I love the taste) but great for digestion. Garlic to lower blood pressure. Ashwaganda powder great for the menopause. reduces anxiety ,can boost testosterone, an ancient medicinal root.

Just pop it all into your Nutri Ninja which I assume you all have one by now and BLEND ! ENJOY …………

Nutri Ninjing
….and enjoy !

JOJOS STYLE LIST TIP : you need to do this daily to reap the benefits. leave out the avocado as can be too calorific for a daily basis juice. Save it for a treat

JOJO xxxxxxxxx