Develop Your own Style

The answer to this is easy style wins EVERY time ! Fashion is transient and disposable style is about really knowing yourself and your body. This is important at any age but even more important as you get older. There is nothing worse than older person slavishly following the latest fashion trend even if it does not suit them. It is very ageing. There are mistakes made at all ages. Fashion dictates and the masses follow. Large floral prints, flares, maxis, minis , magazines tell us this is what we should be wearing. STOP !

“Fashion fades. Style is eternal.” A famous quote by the late great Yves Saint Laurent. It is important that you understand the colours that light up your face, your clothing personality, your body shape, are you angular or curved. even the scale of your accessories . A good stylist can help you with this. But they can be expensive. My blog will go some way to address these issues. Of course we all like to appear on trend but my advice is to combine some small trend pieces.

I was flicking through my first ever Vogue Magazine 1979 the clothes featured were all about style. Comparing to Vogue today, the fashion seems to have become increasingly unflattering and ugly. In your fifties and beyond this becomes easier to recognise as we are driven by huge fashion house juggernauts all looking to stand out and high street stores trying to be different from their neighbours.


We wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time. Is that you ? and I know you all have items in your closet still with tags on. Unworn. Yes….admit it ? Stop the disposable fashion trap and invest once you have discovered your personal style guidelines. Shopping only from your colour palette will mean EVERYTHING in your wardrobe will co ordinate perfectly.

Vogue 1979…..75p!
When Woman looked Stylish


At 50+ you must invest in some key tailored pieces I mean, blow the budget!!

. Winter Coat . Suit . Blazer. Tailored Pants. Good Undies.


Keep a tidy and clutter free closet. Less is more. Imperative to style. This demands a whole lesson on its own. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.



About me

I acquired a taste for luxury and style for as long as I remember even as a young girl. Further fuelled by heading up luxury Airport Retail in my twenties working with high end brands such as Gucci, Prada,Bollinger to namedrop but a few !

Always had a passion for helping both women and men feel good about themselves after training with the great Carol Goodsman over a decade ago I embarked on a career as a ‘scientific styler’ with the emphasis on a permanent template for life for my clients.

Lucky enough to travel the world and stay at the best hotels and eat at the finest restaurants and live in South of France and LA. I would love to share my knowledge and experience that I have learned along the way and help you to discover a more peaceful and beautiful world in which to live.

Living a wonderful rewarding life is so important to us all you just did not realise until now.



Hi to all my fabulous and fifty + friends. These days being fifty has a whole new look think Elle, J-Lo,Halle. They look super stylish and lead an equally super stylish life surrounded by beauty. You can live like this too and I hope to take you on a style journey with my blog. Not a destination, a continuing evolvement. If you are not going to embrace a life of style now….then when? So I am looking forward to getting to know you all welcome to our club.