All female and male bodies have either a natural curve or a straighter more angular shape. Choosing clothing that flatters your natural shape is paramount to looking more stylish and pulled together. Your friends wont realise what it is but you will definitely be dressing to reflect that you know your body and can reflect it in the best possible way.

So how do you know whether you are straight/angular or curved ?

For some people it is very obvious but for others, less so.

Is your face heart shaped ?
  • Face- squarer and chiselled or more rounder and softer.
  • Shoulders- angular shoulder line or more rounded
  • waist – straight or defined
  • Thighs – turn sideways are they straight or do they have a curved front
  • Cuticles are generally a good indication . Straight or curved ?

So now you have established if your lines are curved or straight what does this mean in terms of clothing.



Suit square neck lines, sharp pointed V necks , slash necks, sharp angular shirt collars


Curved necklines, softer v necks, cowl necks, peter pan or softer collars on shirts.



Straighter seams, sharper cut jackets, military style jackets, single breasted. Lapels with sharp lines or no lapels with a sharp V. Wing collars.


Softer seams, gathered shoulders, curved hemlines. Softer lapels or rounded at neck/chest.



Pointed toes or square toes. Square heels or angular heels.


Rounded toes or soft pointed. Rounded heels or wedges.

Different designers or shops either cut for angular or straight shapes. here is a guide to some.

CURVED – Massimo Dutti, Gant, Hobbs, Phase Eight, Ralph Lauren, Coast, versace. M & S Per Una

STRAIGHT – Jigsaw, M & S Limited, Sandro, Burberry, Prada, Victoria Beckham.

Being curved or straight is just one of the many scientific pointers used to establish your own polished personal style there are 8 in total. So we have written about the importance of colour so this is number two on your list in the journey of style. If you want to have a preview of the ALL the style lessons in advance then tune into my style channel on youtube/c/stylelist or press the button on this page for a direct link. But here is a short video recap to help you decide straight …….or curved ?





If you are one of my followers I already know you are interested in ALL things style not just your own but your homes, your cars, your friends , your partners and this extends to your …….dogs ! As a nation of pampered pooches we now love our dogs to complement us and look equally stylish. So lets have a closer look at whats hot right now in doggy style ……..

Its been a long time since I owned a dog after the death of my beloved labrador. But all my friends and family own dogs and I was surprised on how things have changed in the doggy world. They have become style icons with their fashion, adopting a healthy lifestyle with their nutrition and taking care of their bodies with the latest beauty treatments. Yes dogs have become the new supermodels !!

The new regime for dogs in todays world has come a long way in the last 10 years that I decided to write an article on the new doggy world of style. If you are a dog owner and not down with the programme why not ? Lets look at some current trends.

Model Loki


I realise many owners have complete wardrobes for their dogs and the jury is out on whether dogs enjoy dressing up or not. Some dogs really seem to love it only you know your dog. But some dogs genuinely feel the cold and I think it is wise for dogs that have no undercoat and short hair. There really are some quite dapper coats and sweaters for dogs now. Equafleece produce warm, water repellant and breathable sweaters and coats for dogs. Other good websites are and These are for outerwear only and it is important not to let your dog get overheated so remove clothing once inside the house (the dogs , not yours !)

Getting the coat to fit correctly is important especially if you are ordering on line. LENGTH – measure from the base of the collar to the base of the tail. GIRTH – measure the widest part of the chest just behind the front legs. NECK – where the collar would normally sit.


The health food market for dogs has exploded within the last 5 years. is a cult site for healthy kitchen food for dogs. Proper meat and all the recipes are veterinary approved. Even the packaging is eco friendly. Dental care is important and many owners forget to brush their dogs teeth regularly. Woofbrush from Lilys Kitchen provides excellent dental care. A chew stick containing fennel,coconut oil,parsley,kale and decaf green tea – I might try one myself. They actually smell really good and are all the ingredients I have in a green juice in the morning. Coconut oil can be especially bought for dogs and if you read my article recently on the many uses of coconut oil, here is a few more. It is great for bad canine breath as it contains Lauric acid , it is also good for their digestive and immune systems. There are so many benefits from using this amazing oil that you must be careful to start small just a teaspoon. Also too much oil can raise cholesterol levels. Slippery Elm is a natural herb in a capsule, powder and syrup is also good for your pets digestive tract and totally natural. All my friends seem to be giving their pets probiotics for overall health this is new to me ! I guess whats healthy for humans has migrated into the pet market and they gain the same benefits there are many on the market to choose from. But probiotic plain greek yogurt works too, not flavoured, as sugar is not good for them. But a powder sprinkled over their food is probably easiest. Not all things that are good for humans are good for dogs just one grape can kill your beloved pet and cherries are equally toxic. Raisins can cause kidney damage and citrus fruits can cause bad stomach upsets.

Natural Chew Stick


Oh here I go again with my favourite product coconut oil !! Another use ! For sleek and glossy coats brush through,

great for dog odours too. Apply topically to eczema or wounds as coconut oil has great healing properties.. it is important to brush your dog daily to detangle hair and minimise shedding as it thins the undercoat. Cleaning their ears eyes and teeth. Clipping their nails on a regular basis is important especially if you are not walking them on a hard surface regularly. But only trim a little at a time. Treat your dog after this so they get to enjoy their regular manicure.

Okay so now your pooches are well and truly pampered and I am sure they will repay you tenfold with their love and loyalty.

JOJOs STYLELIST TIP: Never do anything that causes your pet distress, remember if you are enjoying all these new trends in doggycare its important your pet is too. Your best friends after all.

JOJO xxxxxxxx

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