Positive and inspirational lessons for a healthy, happy you !


We may not be able to touch but we can see and we can feel…………………

Grab a coffee and sit in a pavement cafe and just watch people walking by and going about life. Everyone has their own stories . Construct their stories in your own head. Their fears, their insecurities, financial difficulties, their strengths, what makes them laugh, when they last cried. are they happy with themselves, with life. Their battles and their victories. Backgrounds and professions.

This can really change the way you look at others and understand we are all pretty much the same and we all want the same things from lives and face similar challenges.

I feel this weeks lesson is very important in the current political climate when we all seem so angry with people that we do not know and we all actually want the same outcome.

Lets be more forgiving .

JOJOS STYLELIST TIP: Kindness and a smile is normally reciprocated.

JOJO xxxxxx


To keep you going to the end of the week. The feel good shot glass of empowerment.

This week …….

As we grow older we start seeing patterns and deeper spiritual meaning of life. Often we get caught up in the here and now. Many lessons can be learned from the older and wiser. Think how much you, yourself have learned from your own experiences.

So, this week I want you to find an older person to sit down and speak to this could be someone you know but schedule time. Or strike up a conversation with an older person as you go about your daily routine offer to take them for a coffee and a cake. Imagine how special you will make this person feel and that their contribution is valuable. You will also gain valuable life lessons. WIN WIN.

I personally love conversations with the elderly and regularly visit clubs and homes with my sound healing classes. I find their experiences and knowledge absolutely fascinating. TRY IT !!!

JOJO xxxxxxx