Swatches Grouped into Seasons

As an experienced scientific stylist I look at 8 defining areas of style.

  • Colour
  • clothing personality
  • straight/curved lines
  • tone
  • scale
  • texture,print,colour
  • figure type
  • wardrobe

Now, I don’t want to tell you which colours to wear or drag you kicking and screaming away from black, our security colour. But choosing the right colour for your complexion, hair and eye colour can instantly make you pop. It will be flattering, you will glow and I promise you can take years off your age. So Colour comes first for any client that engages my service. I have challenged this myself by wearing black with friends who will tell me I look tired but when I change to a brown top (i’m an Autumn) ON THE SAME DAY with no freshening up of make up I get so many more compliments.

The best way of ascertaining your colour palette is to visit a fully trained stylist. But if you cannot afford to do this I will take you through some general rules for you to work out your own colour. Many women instinctively are drawn to their correct colour but MANY are not.

Colour becomes more important as you get older but your colour NEVER changes throughout your lifetime even if you dye your hair, get a tan etc.



I use a gold or silver swatch one will make your skin pop the other will make it disappear/dull if you own gold or silver clothing this could work .

  • Pink and rosy skin (cool)
  • Sallow and yellowish (warm)
  • Gold/silver jewellery one will ‘liven’ your complexion more.
  • Tans easily- warm
  • Veins in your wrist blue (cool) green(warm)
Gold and Silver Swatches


WINTER – Usually dark hair and eyes in contrast with skin. Dark hair on arms normally good indicator of a winter. Look fab in deep rich colours with a cool blue tone such as fuchsia pink, burgundy navy and the only people that look fantastic in black. BASE WARDROBE COLOUR – BLACK WINTER CELEBRITY – OPRAH WINFREY JEWELLERY – SILVER

Winter Colour Palette

SUMMER – Light hair and eyes. Really suit grey hair. Suit pale dusky colours and pastels such as dusty pinks, powder blue, pale yellow. BASE WARDROBE COLOUR – WHITE SUMMER CELEBRITY – GWYNETH PALTROW JEWELLERY – SILVER

Summer Colour Palette


SPRING – Hair auburn,golden blonde, freckles but light eyes. Soft rich warm colours coral,copper , bright greens and turquoise. BASE WARDROBE – IVORY,CREAM,BEIGE SPRING CELEBRITY – CHARLOTTE CHURCH, BRAD PITT JEWELLERY – GOLD

Spring Colour Palette

AUTUMN – Hair red, rich deep auburn but dark eyes. Suit earth toned, forest and spicy colours such as olive green,chocolate brown,camel,spicy orange. BASE WARDROBE – DEEP BROWN,CAMEL AUTUMN CELEBRITY – CHERYL COLE, SARAH FERGUSON, PRINCE HARRY JEWELLERY – GOLD

Autumn Colour Palette

Okay Style Bunnies colour applies equally to men and women. also applies to cosmetics, but thats a whole new lesson. This is just a beginners category so you can use colour to your benefit. The spectrum can be further divided into muted, deep , clear and light but lets not over complicate . If you would prefer to see a video on the importance of colour – click on the youtube link below.


Jojo xxxxxxx


Well guys Festival season is well and truly upon us. So I found a festival that would suit our age group. None of that pitching tents, washing (and other things ) in a bucket, copious amounts of alcohol and smoking various substances. No this was the festival of choice for me. No alcohol whatsoever replaced with a green juice bar and CBD oil replacing the cannabis. No loud music just gentle gongs and chi bowls. Dancing replaced by yoga and vegan food replaced greasy burgers. Surely this is Jojos truly happy place ???

This seed of an idea was a brilliant one….on paper but it needs to germinate and blossom. We went for the birth of this festival on Saturday 3rd August 2019. Fearne Cottons baby. But as long as she learns from her mistakes and listens to the punters she is trying to make happy then this has real potential. But yesterday it became my “Unhappy Place”.

The day started well a big Rylan Clark Neal fan I managed to secure a front row seat to await his interview with the stunning Amanda Byram. It was preceded by a lovely lady Bryony Gordon of whom I was unaware for a short interview. Engaging,witty and yes happy. Now an avid fan. Rylan as ever did not disappoint in fact was such a brilliant interview with Amanda I even bought the book ! I met Rylan a little later for a chat and he was as charming and real as I hoped……and happy. Unlike a very grumpy Russell Brand who we encountered a little later we did remind him he was supposed to be in his” happy place” but I think we only compounded his already bad mood.

Fearne’s tagline read “a place to enjoy that makes us happy” well if you enjoy queuing 2 hours for food or drink than this IS your place. There were only 3 small vegan trucks with a couple of servers in each and ONE yes ONE green juice bar with a queue stretching as far as the third eye could see !! o Fearne, you surely knew the numbers that had bought tickets ? The Vans eventually ran out of food at 3.30pm to the dismay of the people that had queued the full 2 hours ! Well if you know me I do NOT queue so we had to leave the ground early get in the car in search of food in nearby Richmond. Cotton you stitched us up on this one !!!!

Unbelievable Food Queues

Please be aware if you are booking to go to any of these Happy Place Festivals as there are more throughout September the ticket does not cover ANY of the classes on the schedule. When I booked my ticket there was NOTHING to say that all the classes were not included and the page did not redirect me to any further booking options. So I like many others on the day could not attend the classes. In fact I printed off the schedule for the classes of the SEE website and it still did not make that clear. So you really have to search many were left disappointed on the day as the classes were extremely limited. I just checked the website and it still does not make this clear.

We did meet the fabulous…….and happy Interiors Expert Sophie Robinson who was happy us and others to sit on the outskirts. A great workshop “Making Your Place A Happy Home” as Sophie was the most amazing person we met on the day would like to see her play a larger role, as she fitted the mantra for the Festival.

As a professional Sound Therapist I was eager to attend the Sound Healing session which I managed to squeeze into which was supremely relaxing after the stressful day. Although was punctuated by the loudness of an energetic voice of an American instructor at a mat class next door and Russell Brand attention seeking at a stage nearby. The Meditation and Mindfulness Tepee one would presume should be in a quiet location ? As you can see my Happy Place Sound Meditation has been going on for many years.

Many Happy Years

On a final note all the speakers were there to sell their books on site. Fearne Cottons were piled high. So after every talk the ‘celebrities’ would spend longer than the interview flogging their wares. In a Festival which is about ‘giving back’ ‘helping others’ ‘nourishing our souls’ ‘making YOU happy’ it was is sad that really once again it all boils down to commercial propaganda. It would have been lovely for someone to come along and devote their time in the true spirit of the festival. Then inform us they have nothing to sell!! How refreshing ! I really wanted this Festival to create a different message. Not a Festival to create “a Happy Place” for Fearne and her friends.


Great idea and I loved the Garden Fete feel of the Festival as more people attend I hope they don’t lose this but it felt like some of the organisation was done by someone who had only organised a garden fete before !

To end my review this was not “my Happy Place” and having bumped into Fearne during the course of the day it was clearly not hers either. But life is a learning curve and will try again next year. Scroll down to see some of my purchases from the day.


Save it for next year. It did not quite make the STYLE LIST this time around.

Jojo xxxx

My Festival Purchases

A glass water bottle with a glass chamber for a crystal elixir combination for mind, body and soul. I chose moss agate. Pure £30

CBD oil that actually tastes pleasant good for anxiety and joints. The most effective THC free formula available. For more information

Of course The Life Of Rylan (signed !!) and what a life. Paperback £6.99 available at all good bookstores and some suspect ones too !

Much love , signing off

CELLULITE : Do Creams Work ?

This is the shortest post ever…….. NO !

Let me expand

I have never believed that rubbing chemically laden product into toxic cells really worked. More toxins on toxins ? If anything, can further compound the issue and force the cells to have to work harder to expunge more chemical waste.

I am very careful about using chemical products on my body where I rarely see the benefits. I can recommend daily body brushing before your shower to boost the circulation and cold water on the area for the same reason. Any benefit from applying product is normally from the consistent massage but instead of splurging on expensive product selling you hopes and dreams the same benefit can be gained from organic ,virgin cold pressed sesame or coconut oil.

One of my rituals each morning is to massage organic sesame oil into my body paying particular attention to thighs, elbows and knees.Really squeezing the toxins out you can actually hear any fluid in the cells popping. On hair washing days I also massage into my hair. Leaving it to sink in as I do my morning meditation and gratitude prayer. After rinsing in the shower you are left with silky glowing skin . Not only does this aid smooth skin but also it is a beautiful ritual to thank your body for all it does for you. It is very easy to do for yourself. Although I use organic coconut oil for everything ( even cleaning my house!!) I prefer to use the sesame oil so I don’t smell like a coconut all day. Both are far cheaper than the chemically laden expensive cellulite creams that really don’t work and can actually exacerbate the condition. The power is in circulation and massage.

I am in my fifties and I really don’t have a problem with cellulite (although we all have a bit) after following this regular regime combined with daily yoga……oh and of course a good diet and cutting down on processed food. Back to those chemicals again that don’t belong in the body !

So Ladies I hope this helps build your army in the battle against cellulite.

Jojo xx

50+ Thighs !
Selling the Cellulite Program


These are actually 6 beauty techs that I cannot live without .

From top left clockwise


I always leave this in the fridge and roll it over my face and neck first thing in the morning. it not only wakes you up but firms and tones the skin and provides lymphatic drainage. Low tech but effective. Mine is White lotus at £42.99 this is a luxury grade quartz.


This tool is very good for fine lines, sun damage and visible pores. The diamond head exfoliates while the suction stimulates the skin and removes the dead skin cells. Products are absorbed better after. a useful tool particularly for lip lines but be warned use on the lowest setting to avoid bruising. a korean product who are world leaders in beauty technology. £27.99


Great for face and body. I would not say the hair removal is permanent but it certainly slows hair regrowth. FDA approved. Beats endless trips to the salon , who has the time. current £375


For use over the face to speed up absorption of serums and creams and enable a deeper penetration. also plumps skin and collagen production. This is not a new gadget it has been around for over 50 years ! There are body ones too to combat cellulite but the jury is out on this one. Beauty ORA do both facial and body ones in lovely bright colours


Of course this is not a salon grade Caci machine. But as you have one at home you can use it more regularly. This has amazing results. In fact after doing one side of my face I can see a visible lifting compared to the other side. You have to purchase the serum filled cotton buds.Love this. electrobuds £34.99


This SpectraLite tech mask has LED blue and red lights blue for acne and red for fine lines and wrinkles. Leaves a visible glow to the skin (even with the mask off. Lol) and really does reduce fine lines. All in 3 minutes a day. But you do have to use it EVERY day to get the full effect. Can be very scary for friends and family ! I used to go to the Light Clinic in Harvey Nichols twice a week for this treatment so it has already paid for itself. HarveyNichols £430


Develop Your own Style

The answer to this is easy style wins EVERY time ! Fashion is transient and disposable style is about really knowing yourself and your body. This is important at any age but even more important as you get older. There is nothing worse than older person slavishly following the latest fashion trend even if it does not suit them. It is very ageing. There are mistakes made at all ages. Fashion dictates and the masses follow. Large floral prints, flares, maxis, minis , magazines tell us this is what we should be wearing. STOP !

“Fashion fades. Style is eternal.” A famous quote by the late great Yves Saint Laurent. It is important that you understand the colours that light up your face, your clothing personality, your body shape, are you angular or curved. even the scale of your accessories . A good stylist can help you with this. But they can be expensive. My blog will go some way to address these issues. Of course we all like to appear on trend but my advice is to combine some small trend pieces.

I was flicking through my first ever Vogue Magazine 1979 the clothes featured were all about style. Comparing to Vogue today, the fashion seems to have become increasingly unflattering and ugly. In your fifties and beyond this becomes easier to recognise as we are driven by huge fashion house juggernauts all looking to stand out and high street stores trying to be different from their neighbours.


We wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time. Is that you ? and I know you all have items in your closet still with tags on. Unworn. Yes….admit it ? Stop the disposable fashion trap and invest once you have discovered your personal style guidelines. Shopping only from your colour palette will mean EVERYTHING in your wardrobe will co ordinate perfectly.

Vogue 1979…..75p!
When Woman looked Stylish


At 50+ you must invest in some key tailored pieces I mean, blow the budget!!

. Winter Coat . Suit . Blazer. Tailored Pants. Good Undies.


Keep a tidy and clutter free closet. Less is more. Imperative to style. This demands a whole lesson on its own. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.



About me

I acquired a taste for luxury and style for as long as I remember even as a young girl. Further fuelled by heading up luxury Airport Retail in my twenties working with high end brands such as Gucci, Prada,Bollinger to namedrop but a few !

Always had a passion for helping both women and men feel good about themselves after training with the great Carol Goodsman over a decade ago I embarked on a career as a ‘scientific styler’ with the emphasis on a permanent template for life for my clients.

Lucky enough to travel the world and stay at the best hotels and eat at the finest restaurants and live in South of France and LA. I would love to share my knowledge and experience that I have learned along the way and help you to discover a more peaceful and beautiful world in which to live.

Living a wonderful rewarding life is so important to us all you just did not realise until now.



Hi to all my fabulous and fifty + friends. These days being fifty has a whole new look think Elle, J-Lo,Halle. They look super stylish and lead an equally super stylish life surrounded by beauty. You can live like this too and I hope to take you on a style journey with my blog. Not a destination, a continuing evolvement. If you are not going to embrace a life of style now….then when? So I am looking forward to getting to know you all welcome to our club.